Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Book Review: Abstract Aliases by Ritter Ames (Bodies of Art Mysteries #3)

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Strong characters in a fast moving, fun story
Cons: Cons too abstract to nail down
The Bottom Line:
The hunt continues
Amidst some revelations
Fast paced and fun book

Hunting for a Killer’s Alias

Obviously, I have a hard time keeping up with all the wonderful series out there.  I had intended to get back to Laurel Beacham and Jack Hawkes before now, but I was thrilled to finally be able to slip back into their world for Abstract Aliases.

If you haven’t met Laurel and Jack yet, please don’t start here.  While each book in the series has a beginning, middle, and end, each book is also part of a much larger story involving an art heist that the pair are working to stop.  As such, elements of the first two books in the series are spoiled and some things might be confusing to you.  There is enough explanation that you can still follow the players here, even if it’s been a while between books (which I was very thankful for), but it really is good to have the background the first two books provide.

As this book opens, it’s been two months since we last checked in on Laurel and Jack.  While they have been doing their best to gather clues to stop the coming heist, things have been quiet.  Too quiet.  However, something is about to explode on New Year’s Day, and I’m not talking about the London fireworks

While Laurel and Jack are waiting for those fireworks to start, they are shocked have an encounter with one of the men involved in the upcoming heist.  Then the next day, Laurel’s London office is broken into.  Once again one step ahead of danger and one step behind their prey, Laurel and Jack must act quickly.  Will they gain any new clues?

Honestly, the less you know going into this book the better.  It is fun watching the plot play out.  And the story moves quickly from one plot point to another with hardly any down time for the characters, or us, to breath.  There are some revelations along the way that surprised me, but there is plenty left opened.  There are two more books in the series, after all, and I’m assuming the resolution doesn’t come until the final book.

The cast of regular characters is rather small, but they are wonderful characters.  I’m enjoying watching Laurel and Jack’s relationship evolve and watching how they are both evolving.  The other characters who pop in and out of the book are also well defined.

This series falls into the cozy caper genre.  The plot isn’t a typical cozy plot, and we do quite a bit of traveling in search of the truth.  No, I’m not going to spoil where because that’s part of the fun, but be prepared to get swept up in a high speed, high stakes plot.

I can’t let it be too long before I check back in with Laurel and Jack because I have to know what happens to them next.  Abstract Aliases will please series fans, and if you haven’t read the books yet, go back and start the series today.

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  1. I need to give this series another chance. I read the first one years ago and was kind of meh about it but it does seem like a lot of fun. I'll have to try again.