Saturday, March 21, 2020

March 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Normally, things would be going full steam ahead until season finales in May, but with shows shutting down due to the corona virus, it's looking like some shows will be taking longer breaks that usual and probably won't even finish off their seasons.  It will be interesting to see how I feel about the way things end when we get there.  I suspect it will be very frustrating.  But I bring this up because these recaps are going to be less populated than normal the next few months, I'm sure.

God Friended Me – I needed that episode.  Yes, I was crying through much of the final act, but it felt good.  With everything else going on, I needed the dose of fun the show provided.  And it was nice to see Ally out helping with the main plot for a change.  I wonder how much time her new girlfriend is going to let her push her away, however.

Batwoman – I missed part of the episode due to breaking news, but I’m okay with that.  In fact, I fast forwarded a bit during the episode.  I knew from the preview it would be too dark, and I was right.  Wasn’t expecting the ending, but I wasn’t surprised by it either.  Again, dark.

Supergirl – And I’d just been talking with some friends about how the show hadn’t been as political this season.  Fortunately, I read a recap, so I skipped Nia’s scenes and instead just watched Alex’s scenes.  That was an interesting B story that I think will play into the larger story of the season.  I’m confused as to when that evil lady really grabbed Richard.  I’m surprised they even brought up Jeremiah since it’s been years since we saw him.  I wonder how that is going to play into the stories for the rest of the season.

The Flash – The Nash storyline was interesting at best.  I did like seeing Barry saving the day twice without using his speed.  When are people going to fully recognize that Iris isn’t herself at all?  And when will we end the mirror storyline?

Legends of Tomorrow – That which I dreaded has come upon us.  I’ve known Ray was leaving mid-season for months.  I’m glad he and Nora got a happy send off, but I’m going to miss his character on the show.  He was always so much fun.  I’m really sorry to see them go.

Survivor – The tribes are smart – kicking out some huge threats again this week.  It’s almost like we have the best of the best out there this season or something.  Love that the person Sandra went to blindsided her.  I’m just wondering if and or when anyone is going to be let back in the game.  And how many.  Oh, and I’m over Tony again.  He can go.

LegoMasters – Those were some fun builds.  I do feel sorry for some of the teams in the second part.  Some of the add ons were easier than others by far.  Still, the team that left had been in the bottom before, so I was okay with them leaving.  We are down to four teams.  And the four teams can be really strong teams, too.  This is going to get harder with each elimination.

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