Saturday, March 7, 2020

March 7's Weekly TV Thoughts

A very light TV week, but here's what I watched.

God Friended Me – Every so often, they throw us an episode that gives us a twist on the formula, and this was that episode.  It was hard in some ways, but it was beautiful in others, and still an uplifting episode.  Considering the subject matter and how close to home that hits for me, that’s pretty amazing.

Survivor – What an amazing comeback.  I’ve seen teams come close, but it’s been a long time since a comeback like that actually happened.  I’m sorry to see Tyson gone since he’s always entertaining.  Not sure how much I’d enjoy hanging out with him, but he’s always entertaining to watch.  His comment about the firewood was so very funny.  Speaking of which, I was glad that all of them had a chance to earn a fire token by completing that challenge.  Ethan scared me; I’m glad he’s okay.

Lego Masters – I feel so sorry for Chrystal and Amy.  They had such a good build until the twist.  But after so many weeks in the bottom, I wasn’t surprised they went.  From the previews, I was expecting more drama around the broken builds.  I was very glad to see that the drama that happened was just people being upset, which was completely understandable, and that everyone came together to support them.

Carol’s Second Act – Were they setting up a bit of a love triangle?  Or was it just me?  And yes, I found the bride’s hair emergency to be much funnier than Carol’s storyline.  I just found her story painfully predictable.

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