Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Ornament Review: Seasons Treatings #11 - Salty Treats - 2019 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun Treatings twist
Cons: Doesn’t hang as well as others in the series
The Bottom Line:
Salty treats this year
Ornaments still makes me crave
Another fun piece

Salty Treatings

Over the first ten years of Hallmark’s Seasons Treatings series, we’ve gotten a wide selection of sweet treats.  The series started its second decade by providing a salty twist on the series theme.

The main treats this year are salty in nature.  The base of the ornament is a silver tray, as is often the case.  The biggest bowl on the tray is filled with popcorn.  There’s a smaller bowl filled with red cranberries, and someone has obviously spent some time stringing the two together to hang on their Christmas tree.  I’m sure a few have been eaten as well.  In the very front are some pretzels.  In a nod to the sweets the series usually does, a few of the pretzels have been partially dipped in chocolate.

This series always makes me crave sweets.  Okay, so that is fairly easy to do since I love eating sweets.  This one makes me crave a salty snack, so it is obviously working like normal on me.

You could argue that this ornament isn’t quite as Christmassy as some of the others in the series.  The popcorn bowl is decorated to look like a snowman, which is a touch I absolutely love.  The string of popcorn and cranberries is the only real nod to the season, but I don’t mind.  It is still a cute ornament.

Since the ornament is on a tray, it does sit flat, but it is only marginally 3D, so I still maintain that it is best displayed by hanging it.  This ornament hangs mostly flat, which is unusual for this series.  Instead of being at the jaunty angle the rest of the series normally has, this one looks like it isn’t quite balanced.  Honestly, I didn’t even notice that when I hung it on my tree in December.  I just enjoyed it.

The year this ornament was released (2019) is paint on this ornament beside the cranberry bowl.  On the back, you’ll find the 11 in a Christmas tree series marker.

I really like this twist on the Seasons Treatings standard offerings.  I hope the series continues to expand in some new directions.

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