Saturday, March 14, 2020

March 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I wound up with more time than I thought this week, so here are my full TV thoughts.  Sounds like sooner than expected, I will not have a full list as TV productions are shutting down at least temporarily.  Not sure how that will play out with story arcs for the shows.  At least the one season finale on the list this week was already planned.

God Friended Me – I’m happy they are playing around with faith on the show again.  Obviously, as someone who believes in God, I hope Miles eventually goes back to faith, but I’m not really expecting that.  I’ve got to say, the revelation that the author fell in love certainly surprised me.  It’s not often they surprise me that much.

Batwoman – Did they seriously do a stupid slasher victim?  I mean, that was directly out of what not to do in a horror movie 101.  And yes, this show is definitely going dark.  Not sure how much of next week’s I’ll watch in real time and how much I’ll fast forward through.  Sophie’s story is their opportunity to preach at us, at least for this week if not a few episodes.

Supergirl – They are preaching again right now, this time against social media addiction.  I agree with them, so I am not as bothered as I was by the stuff last year, but it is still extremely obvious and not good storytelling.  Plus I’m not enjoying whatever Brainy is up to.  I hope Lena sees the error of her ways soon.  Or turns pure evil.  One way or the other.

The Flash – Wally sure went through quite a few transformations.  Nice guy to super angry to nice guy again.  And he’s the first to see something wrong with Iris.  So what is really going on with her?  I wonder how long with will be that Barry doesn’t have his powers.  That could be interesting for a couple of weeks, but then we need to get back to The Flash.

Legends of Tomorrow – I’d heard about this Mr. Rogers spoof months ago, and I was looking forward to it.  However, I was underwhelmed.  Maybe it was because they spent so little time in the show.  I will say, I was rolling my eyes at them bringing Damian back originally, but I actually didn’t mind by the end.  I’m just curious how he didn’t recognize Sara.  Surely, they’d met at some point, right?  And no discussion of him killing Laurel?  Or has that happened in the past as well.

Survivor – Honestly, I was surprised Rob’s antics worked the first time, but obviously they did since he won that season.  But I knew there was no way they would work again.  I can’t believe he thought they would.  It was interesting that we got no time on Extinction.  I guess they didn’t have their own challenge.  With three new tribes, I can get why they focused on the players still in the game since I no more than one or two ever make it back into the game.

LegoMasters – I might have been okay at the car part of the challenge.  Might.  But the bridges?  I would have been in the bottom two for sure.  I’m very impressed with those who built bridges that help 1000 pounds.  That’s amazing.

Carol’s Second Act – I was spoiled for which actors would pop up in this episode, so it was easy to guess who he was and what his announcement would be.  Interesting cliffhanger to go into next season.  It will be interesting to see where the shows goes if it comes back.  For the record, I don’t buy Dr. Frost’s interest in Carol, and I hope they bring Dr. Lewis back because I really like him.

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