Saturday, August 28, 2021

August 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Legends of Tomorrow – Please, can we be done with the Rory pregnancy storyline.  I’m just really not feeling this season.  And, I think I am going to struggle even more next year.  There are just too many characters on I don’t care about any more.  Heck, I struggle to keep them all straight.  I knew John would wind up giving in once he was left alone there at the end.  Rather brutal scene, however.

American Ninja Warrior – Once again, the person who went first made it pretty far.  I was impressed with the number of finishers – seemed like the most they’ve had.  But seriously, did we really need to see those two “social media stars” trying to run the course?  They could have given the time to one of the people they had to summarize for us.  I would have much rather seen that.  And can we cut down on the bios a little to get more runs in as well?

LegoMasters – Not too surprised that Dave and Richard left.  They did some good builds and some not as good builds over the time.  The other team in the bottom two is my guess on who leaves next week, but we’ll see if I’m right.  I loved the build from the team that won.  That was my favorite of the night by far.

The Ultimate Surfer – I know I’d never make it as a surfer (I can’t catch a wave body surfing), but I had to give it a try.  I’m struggling to keep all the people straight, but since we’ve eliminated 2/5 of them already, it should be easier next week.  The surfing is pretty amazing to watch.  And I find it funny that the team that went first won both of the mid-episode surfing challenges.

Stargirl – As soon as Mike discovered the genie of the pen, I knew he was in trouble.  I thought they might drag it out a bit more, but I’m curious to see where they are going to go with him this season.  I can certainly understand why he feels left out.  I’m also curious to learn more about the guy who has the pen now.  Because you know we will be seeing more of him.  Poor Barbara doesn’t know that she is once again so close to the enemy.  Although at least she knows theirs is something creepy about him.

Supergirl – The show’s back and we are back to the lectures.  I’m sorry, but I was rolling my eyes at the whole “Earth is just like Krypton” part of the episode.  Some good characters moments, however, and I’m curious to see where they are going to go with Lena.  Where is it she is really from?  (And I thought the Fortress was destroyed on Superman and Lois, although I know that, especially this year, we have to treat them as separate shows.)

Monsters at Work – As for Tylor to grow as a character, and he suddenly is trying to be good at the job he has instead of becoming a jokster.  A bit of a weird story, but they are a weird bunch of characters.  Had to laugh at the ending.  And seriously, did he not notice that Rose’s hair really wasn’t the same?

What If…? – You know me and mysteries, so naturally I enjoyed this episode.  Sad to think of all those characters dying.  At least they didn’t really die at that point, although a couple of them are indeed dead in the movies, too.

Press Your Luck – I was surprised at how long the first couple of rounds took.  I get it with all the back and forth, but they went about 10 minutes longer than normal.  So I wasn’t surprised when the winner walked away when he did.  Very smart, too, with a nice price and three Whammies.

Family Game Fight – Two smart teams, so I’m a little surprised it wasn’t closer than it was.  I was surprised that the doctors didn’t do well in the final round, although I think I jinxed them.  I was thinking how easy the bonus game is turning out to be, and then they only got 6 words.  Then again, they had some very hard words.

Holey Moley – I suspected that proposal was coming, but it still made me smile.  I was sorry she didn’t make it to the finale.  Not sure how I feel about knowing we will have to hear Blake Sledge again later this season.  Part of me finds it funny and part of me finds it annoying.  Then again, that’s often how I feel about this show.

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