Saturday, August 7, 2021

August 7th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Once again, not much on except for the Olympics.  I've mainly been watching diving this week; it's been all I can do to keep up with that.

But here's what I watched outside of the Olympics this week.

Wipeout – I get it, this was a great cross promotion opportunity since John Cena was starring in the new movie.  But some of the Suicide Squad references were making me roll my eyes.  On the other hand, others really were clever and fun.  And it worked, I’m much more interested in seeing the movie now than I was.  Still probably won’t.  Not surprised the fire fighters made it as far as they did.  They proved to be powerhouses all along.

Monsters at Work – They haven’t softened Fritz at all yet.  Bummer.  Can’t they dial him back 10 %?  Overall, a fun episode.  Although those darn accountants, driving the plot of the story.  They do have something about moral, however.  I know the more I’m enjoying work, the better work I do.  Maybe they don’t need to go quite so far as Mike did here, however.

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