Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Ornament Review: All Tangled Up - Spotlight on Snoopy Companion Piece - 2021 Hallmark Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great Charlie Brown Christmas moment
Cons: Should have been smaller
The Bottom Line:
Untangling the lights
Becomes more complicated
A large Charlie Brown

Christmas Lights in a Tangle Again?  Good Grief!

Over the last few years, Hallmark has offered a few limited-edition companion ornaments to the Spotlight on Snoopy series.  And each year, I tell myself I’m not going to buy the limited-edition ornament.  Premier comes around, and I cave and buy it.  That’s how I wound up with All Tangled Up.

This year’s Spotlight on Snoopy ornament is All Decked Out, and features Snoopy decorating himself like a Christmas tree.  This companion ornament features Charlie Brown, and it shows him in a much more realistic moment of Christmas decorating – trying to untangle the Christmas lights.

Of course, even at their worst, I haven’t had a year like Charlie Brown is having – at least not yet.  Somehow, in his attempts to untangle the lights, he’s gotten them tangled up around himself.  They are wrapped around him a few times, and it looks like he has a knot in front of him.  He’s holding out his hands as if he is still trying to separate them out, and he has a “What now” look on his face.  He has one ornament, in a pretty purple color, at his feet.

If this was going to happen to anyone, it would definitely be Charlie Brown.  That’s what makes me smile about the ornament.  While the lights don’t actually light up, they are clear, colored plastic, so they can catch the light, which adds to the fun of the ornament.

The one thing that throws me off is the size.  He’s sized to match the Spotlight on Snoopy ornament.  Since this is a companion piece, I get it.  But he’s huge, especially his head.  It takes away from the overall appeal of the ornament – at least for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the ornament, but I think small would have been better.

Since Charlie Brown is standing on his feet, he stands up just fine.  It would take a good bump to knock him over.

I was surprised that the ornament tipped back and to the right very minimally when I went to hang it.  You’d have to be watching to find it, and I’m sure once you get it in the branches on your tree, you’ll never notice.

I truly wish this ornament were smaller.  But that is my only complaint with All Tangled Up.  It captures Charlie Brown in a moment that is perfect for him.

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