Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, I'm finally getting my TV Recap for the week posted.  Just now got a chance to finish last night's Amazing Race.  Here you go.

Castle – Back to light and fun Castle with a locked room episode to boot.  Or maybe I should say locked planet.  I was a little disappointed they included the evil computer cliché, but for the most part I really did enjoy the episode.  Now, I’m wondering if Martha will really move out this time, and if so for how long.  You can read my full recap here.

Agent Carter – An action packed climax, and a great one, too.  Overall, I enjoyed this series, although they could have tightened up a couple of those middle episodes.

Arrow – This show is on fire.  Another great episode with so many wonderful character moments and twists and suspense.  However, I am wondering, do we know why Sara was killed?  The motive behind that seems to be missing, and since that is what is driving the season, it is rather important.  I probably missed it somewhere.

Melissa & Joey – Honestly, I think the characters made it longer than I would.  Having said that, I can go without when I’m camping or something else like that.  But at home?  I spend so much time on my phone, or at least my computer, it isn’t even funny.

Baby Daddy – From the promo, it sounded like they were ending the triangle last night, yet it felt like a cliffhanger to me.  I think I’m actually rooting for Danny, but I don’t have all the history since I just started part way through the last season.  Very interested to see how this all resolves.

Survivor – I guess I give in to stereotypes, too, but I really didn’t figure that White Collar would be the first to lose.  And really, you never start off lying on day one, especially about something so obvious.  However, that one guy on the No Collar team sure is insecure.  That’s going to come back to bite him.

Amazing Race (Wednesday) – I’d actually read that they started this season near me, but I would have known anyway.  I recognized it in about 2 seconds.  Plus they had them doing a mud run!  How cool is that!!  I’m surprised at how well the blind date teams are doing.  I will be interested in seeing if that stays for the entire race.  So far, there aren’t any teams I’m rooting against.

Suits – Donna is in hot water.  I thought for a minute they were going to drop it in one episode, but no, that is continuing into next week.  So how are they going to get her out of that?  And is this really it for Jessica’s love interest?  Because that would be a bit of a surprise in a way.  However, he is just a guest star, but that is probably all we will get from him.

The Big Bang Theory – I was a little surprised about how much Penny and Sheldon did share.  That was by far my favorite part of the episode since I love their relationship.  Oh, I don’t want them as any more than friends, but they can be very sweet together.  The zombie was pretty funny, especially with how quickly they got out of there.  I don’t know that I would have been that quick about it, but I didn’t quite catch what the first couple of clues where.

The Odd Couple – Not quite as much fun as the first episode, and I guess the sister isn’t a main character.  Still, not a bad episode, and I’ll keep watching.

The Amazing Race (Friday) – What is with all the selfies this season?  Seriously, I’m already over it.  And really, you pay attention to the train times and then mug for the camera.  Still, I was sorry to see them go since they seem like a nice couple.  My guess is the blind daters current at the bottom are the next to go.  They seem to be having some difficulty getting along, but we shall see if I’m right or if they get it together and surprise me.

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