Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Castle – They left a few things dangling at the end of this one – minor things like red herrings from the first episode.  Still, what we got was a wonderful piece of drama.  I was riveted the entire time.  Not the fun Castle we know, but still a great episode.  My full recap ishere, of course.

The Flash – Episodes like this one make me wish I knew comics better.  I’m sure there was some set up in there that I would appreciate more if I knew the characters.  Still, the development it gave us for the main characters was great.  I think Barry is delusional if he thinks he is going to save him mom, however.  Not that he won’t try, of course.

Agent Carter – You know, I’m over the entire Carter is brilliant and the other guys are stupid plot point.  Yes, it worked early on, but come on.  Can’t anyone figure out that she might know what she’s talking about by this point?  Seriously?  That one thing is what has driven the plot entirely by this point.  I hope everyone is working together in the climax.  (And if you think it’s that I don’t like strong women, I loved Beckett’s part in freeing herself in the Castle episode from this week.)

Arrow – Okay, now Thea can hate her dad.  The flashback was fun, especially seeing some of the minor almost cameos some main characters got but what it told us about where they were 5 years ago.  I’m glad that Thea didn’t kill Slade.  I like him being back in prison.  Laurel and her dad’s scenes were realistic, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out for the remainder of the season.  The show is really going so well right now.

Melissa & Joey – Wow, if that was really those actors, they both have amazing voices.  The boy band stuff was pretty funny.  Oh, and Joe, it isn’t quitting if you make a decision to go in one direction over another.  It’s only quitting if you stop with no backup plan in place and then do nothing.

Baby Daddy – Never use your corporate card for personal stuff.  I’m glad that Riley got caught but managed to save her job.  The stuff with the ex-wife was pretty good, too.  I’m so glad I started watching this show.  I just wish I could go back and watch the earlier episodes.  (Don’t have Netflix.)

Suits – So many interesting stories got started this week.  Although when will Donna learn not to be stupid.  For someone so smart….  I’m really wondering where Jessica’s relationship is going to go at this point, too.  I knew he’d get the truth from Litt even if Litt didn’t mean to tell him.  Maybe not quite as gripping as the first couple episodes this half were, but they are still very good.

The Big Bang Theory – I’ll admit, I was expecting a bit more about Howard’s mother passing, but what they had was wonderful, especially Sheldon’s line about Howard having friends to help him through his loss.  Nathan Fillion was under used, although I have a feeling that was because he’s so busy and didn’t have time for much else.  Still, it would have been awesome if he’d pulled out some Nikki Heat books and said, “No, I’m Richard Castle.”  Of course, the shows are on different networks, so that wouldn’t really work, but I can dream, can’t I?

The Odd Couple – I think I read the play back in college (for fun), and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the original TV show.  I wasn’t blown away by the pilot, but it was fun and I did laugh.  And you know me, I will give a show a few weeks and not jump based on the pilot unless it was truly awful.  I’ll definitely be back for a few more episodes at a minimum.

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