Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I mean it this time.  I have to cut down on TV somehow and somewhere.  Okay, so there are a couple of shows I'm not expecting to be back next year, but that means I can't start any new shows because there are so few on this list I want to consider giving up.

Castle (2/14) – That was a great twist on the classic formula of the show.  Yes, it borrowed heavily from other shows who have done the courtroom case things and wasn’t as original as, say, the bank robbery episode was, but it was still a ton of fun for something different.  And a pretty great way to wrap things up at the end plus tie it into the season’s storyline.

Castle (2/15) – That punishment at the end?  I’d hate it.  There’s a reason I live in Southern CA.  Glad Castle met his step-mom, although I wish she’d taken responsibility for putting the break up bug in Beckett’s ear.

Team Ninja Warrior – Just shows how unpredictable the course and the competitive nature of this course can be.  Britten out?  Wow!  The showdown was much closer than expected, too, but I wasn’t too surprised about who pulled it out in the end.

The Flash – So, we were supposed to get clues to who Zoom is in that episode, but I missed them.  And I’m wondering who is the person in the cage left behind.  I was expecting something horrible to happen to Wells’s daughter, so I was thankful she’s okay.  But Jay?  Just as we were getting good news.  Although seriously, you never stand near a portal like that, especially if it is the end of an episode.

The Muppets – And we’re back to the okay but not spectacular show this week.  I was hoping they would build on what they’d been doing.  Although with the way the ratings are sinking, it isn’t going to matter.  The show will be canceled at the end of the season.  So much for my hopes this would lead to them releasing the final two seasons of the classic show on DVD.

Agent Carter – I’m most focused on Jarvis’s wife at the moment.  I thought her getting shot would be the end of the episode, but instead they at least got her into surgery.  But will she be okay?  She’d better be okay.

Arrow – How did he get William?  Seriously, is his mom okay?  And now we know for sure why Felicity isn’t wearing her ring in the future.  And maybe that’s another candidate for the person in the grave – William’s mother.  Between this and Flash, I’m done with the cliffhangers for the week.

Survivor – For once, they actually voted out the person who was most responsible for them losing the challenge.  That seems to so rarely happen on Survivor because the person is in a strong alliance.  Oh, and that bug thing?  Just creepy and disgusting.

Baby Daddy – Back on track with plenty of laughs.  I saw some of the twists coming, especially Bonnie and her new husband.  Okay, so I just saw as far as the writers getting him off the show since he’s still just a guest star.  Still, lots of laughs.

Suits – I can’t take my eyes off the screen this season.  It’s that compelling.  I mean, I’ve always liked the show, but the stakes are so high isn’t impossible to turn away.  Two episodes left, and they are talking like this won’t be resolved.  I’m betting the jury comes back for the cliffhanger and we have to wait until summer to find out what their decision is.  Since this is the entire premise of the show, I’m wondering how they will go forward no matter how it is resolved.

Big Bang Theory – What a wonderful episode.  Plenty of great laughs and a few heartfelt moments.  Howard as a father is pretty funny, but I have faith the writers will manage to find that great balance with it like they did this week.

Legends of Tomorrow – They are doing a good job of building the team, which isn’t easy given the wildly different places they all started.  But poor Jackson hurting his leg again.  Hopefully they can fix that with some future tech.  Or maybe by merging as Firestorm?  Who wants to bet we never hear anything about it next week.

The Amazing Race – Pride goes before destruction.  Okay, so the guys aren’t actually out, but they came very close for two guys who were so confident that they’d do well.  Meanwhile, I do feel sorry for the team that got eliminated.  A bad taxi driver really kills in this game.  Granted, they made a bad choice in not taking their taxi to the location of the detour, and that ultimate got them out, so it is on them, but it’s still hard.  Meanwhile, glad to see Team Frisbee near the top, where they belong.

Girl Meets World – What was that?  That might have sounded good on paper, but it was almost painful to watch, especially with the actors playing the kids.  Ugh.  The only good joke was Lucas always being that age.

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