Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ornament Review: Olaf - Art of Disney Animation #5 - 2015 Disney Store Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Different look for a fun character
Cons: All cons magically removed
The Bottom Line:
Olaf created
In swirl of magic captured
With fun ornament

Olaf Swirls to Life on Your Tree

I must admit, I rolled my eyes a bit when I saw they were doing an Olaf ornament as part of the Art of Disney Animation series.  I already have two ornaments of him from Hallmark, and as much as I love the character (and I do love him), I wasn’t sure I needed a third.  But, being a collector, I couldn’t bring myself to not get the ornament and therefore not have all the ornaments in the series from The Disney Store.  Turns out, it’s my favorite in the series to date.

See, instead of just being another ornament of Olaf, this ornament is actually Olaf as he is swirling into being.  As a result, we get a mostly finished snowman with a glitter filled clearish white plastic tube around him representing the magic that is creating him.  He’s finished enough it’s easy to tell who he is since his face is put together.  However, his buttons, his nose, and his right arm and foot are still in the swirl of magic and not attached yet.

And it’s the fact that he’s not quite finished that actually gives this ornament its charm.  It’s rare you get something captured in action like this for an ornament.  It’s easy to tell exactly what is happening, too.

Plus it’s just plain fun.

Like the rest of the series, Olaf is standing on a circular base, so you can set the collection out to be displayed year round with no problem.  This one is white glitter on top light blue with snowflakes on the side, which definitely gives it that Frozen feel.

But if you want to hang it on your tree (It is an ornament after all), you’ll find a white ribbon on the top of Olaf’s head.  When you hang it from a branch, you’ll find that it hangs ever so slightly to the left, but you aren’t likely to notice unless you are looking for it.  Most of the Disney Store ornaments come with red ribbons, so I appreciate the fact that they did something different for this one since it fits with the ornament to much more.

It’s rare to get Disney merchandise that shows a character in something less than the completed look, so that makes Olaf something special.  As a fan of this warm hearted snowman, I am thrilled to have this different look in my collection.

Original Price: 19.95

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