Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Start out the week behind, went out for two nights, and I'm just now catching up on everything.  Yep, February sweeps is here.

Galavant – Loved it!  In fact, I really enjoyed this season so much more than the first season.  I seriously doubt we get any more, but I appreciate the fact that they didn’t leave us with major cliffhangers.  Yes, there are places they can go and not everything was wrapped up, but we don’t have to wonder at how they will all get out of the trouble they are in.

American Ninja Warrior – The Japanese have really been underperforming in these world competitions, at least as I remember.  I would have expected them to dominate since the show originated there.  I wonder why that is?  Not that the show was boring.  Edge of your seat until the very last second/leap.

Supergirl – With Lord in “prison,” there are going to be some major issues coming at them soon.  I doubt they can just lock him up like they’ve done with some of the others.  Sorry to see Adam go so soon, although I knew he wouldn’t last long.  We’ve already got a love triangle going on, after all.

Team Ninja Warrior – So many photo finishes in this episode, it was amazing.  I just wish Evan had made it further since I really like him from his Gladiator days.

The Flash – I am so glad that Wells is no longer hiding his deeds and that Barry stood up and said they need to help him.  This is going to make for an interesting rest of the season.  Besides, if they sent him back to Earth 2 and sealed everything up, what would we do for the rest of the season?  And I like what happened with Wally this week as well.  Glad to see at least a crack in his behavior.

The Muppets – Definitely a transition episode.  I like where they are heading – back toward the classic Muppets.  Plus, it looks like they are going to forget that whole Piggy and Kermit broke up thing.  Sorry, that’s just not working for me.  Still not completely sold, but I’m willing to give it another chance.

Agent Carter – Someone is embracing her new powers.  That’s going to lead to quite the showdown before the season is over.  And the villains definitely have their hands in way too many things.  On the other hand, there were some very funny lines, especially the one about the super strong cold.  Intrigued to see where this goes before it is all over.

Arrow – Felicity’s dad is a villain?  And I guess I’m misremembering because I thought she had no clue who he was.  But that will be an interesting reveal going forward.  And it was fabulous to see Roy again.  Wish he were around for longer.

Baby Daddy – Okay, so my favorite bit was that final scene with Reba popping up.  Long live the sitcom Reba!!!!  That was quite the ride with the characters and so much going on.  Decent laughs, but I’m curious where Ben’s new love interest is going to go.

Suits – Louis’s ex was the one who turned in Mike?  I wasn’t expecting that reveal at all, but it makes perfect sense.  The prosecutor is plain evil, but that’s no surprise since all their villains are.  Of course, in this case, she is in the right since Mike did do it and everyone else went along with it.  I really have no clue how they even hope to get out of this, but it sounds like we won’t find out until next season from what I’m hearing.

Legends of Tomorrow – So many characters, but everyone is getting their moments to shine.  Fascinating look at our villain this time, too.  Glad we are leaving 1975 behind (although I am attached to that year) and I’m looking forward to a look at the 80’s next week.

Big Bang Theory – Yes, I gasped when Memaw let out the secret of the ring.  Now that Amy knows, how will that play out going forward?


  1. I know, I was surprised too by the Japanese performance. It seems they didn't even do as well this year as last time. I wish we could still see the Japanese version over here - assuming they are still having it? I don't know. It was such fun to watch and I still remember many of the great competitors.

    Team Ninja Warriors - head to head! Totally different to watch. With the regular, I could always root for the competitor - now - how do I choose, lol. This week was really full of close finishes. I think it was last week that was full of surprises and upsets.

    1. I deep hearing about how great the Japanese version is. It sounds like they still have it, but I've never tried to track it down.

      The Team version is very different, but I'm really enjoying it.

  2. We only watched the first 2 episodes of the Muppets before we gave up. I'm curious about the new direction it's heading. Maybe we'll try it again in a few episodes. I loved the Big Bang Theory and I really must watch Agent Carter. It sounds amazing!

    1. Agent Carter is a lot of fun, much better than SHIELD.

      The new direction is to focus more on the show within the show, ie. more like what the Muppets used to be. Still not certain if it will work or not, but we shall see. I'm actually surprised I've stuck with it this long since it's by far not my favorite show.