Saturday, March 4, 2017

March 4th's Weekly TV Thoughts

You can tell when February sweeps is over.  Several of my shows took the week off!

24: Legacy – I knew Ben was dead.  I’m just glad Eric didn’t kill him.  That would have been a Jack move, and I like how they are making Eric not Jack.  What is the father’s game.  Does he honestly think he’s going to get away with lying like that?  Obviously, we will get something off the computer to move things forward, but what?

Supergirl – I guess the producers knew that This Is Us wouldn’t be on this week, so they decided to be my tear jerker show of the week.  That ending was just so hard to watch.  Excellently done by everyone – writers and actors.  I’m hoping Jeremiah has a reason he’s doing this – a good reason.  Because right now it doesn’t seem like a good thing at all.  And here I was happy when I realized they were finally going back to that storyline.

The Flash – Better Grodd episode than I was expecting.  Still not a big fan, but at least they let everyone have their moment to shine.  With Jessie living here now, they’ve got a bigger and bigger cast.  Can’t bode well for someone.  And yes, after talking about Supergirl celebrating Valentine’s Day late, I have to comment on “Friend Day.”  Sorry, but that was Valentine’s Day for sure.  Besides, you don’t propose two weeks after the fact.  And what a proposal!

Arrow – Normally, I expect a big twist at the end of the episode.  Yet they dropped in who the big villain of the season is right there in the middle – and it’s someone I really liked.  I’m not okay with this.  Actually, I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out.  Meanwhile, I knew that Paul wanted to meet up with Curtis to serve him divorce papers.  And what is Felicity about to get herself into?

Suits – I knew it!  They’ve been leading up to it too much, I knew that Mike would get into the bar.  I’m not even that surprised he’s back at the firm or that Louis’s fiancée broke up with him.  (Is it just me, or was their relationship just way too fast?)  The thing that shocked me was that Jessica showed up.  I haven’t been keeping up with my spoilers, so I don’t know if this was kept under wraps or not.  Loved seeing her again and how she handled things.  Very interested to see where things go come summer.  And what is Donna going to do when she searches for something more?

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