Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ornament Review: A World Within #2 - Chruch - 2016 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun scene in a bell
Cons: Small (which can be a plus or a minus)
The Bottom Line:
This church in a bell
Small piece with small scene inside
Adds up to big fun

Gives Church Bells a New Meaning – in a Good Way

Last year, I caved and started the A World Within series at the last minute.  And I do mean last year, since I got it after Christmas 2015 when it came out.  Considering my new love of miniature ornaments this year, I’m very glad I did.  The reason I caved last year, however, was because of the second in the series, and this 2016 release is wonderful.

The ornament is shaped like a bell, but the front of the bell is open, and inside you can see a church.  While the church doesn’t have a belfry on it, it does have a cross at the top of the steeple.  It is surrounded by trees, including one in the foreground, and snow leading up to the door.  You can even see the sky behind it, which is rather dark.

 This ornament is missing just a bit of the detail that you would expect in a normal Hallmark ornament, but that’s because this is a mini ornament.  When you consider that the entire scene is captured inside an ornament that is an inch max top to bottom, that’s very impressive.  And this isn’t to say that the ornament lacks detail.  Heck, you can even see decorations on one of the trees, and those gold decorations tie in nicely to the overall gold of the bell.

In keeping with the bell theme, the round part of the bell is at the bottom of the ornament, which means it tips if you try to set it out.  That’s not a problem, however, since the ornament hangs straight.  Plus, it’s so small, it would be hard to find a place to set it out safely.  The 2 in a Christmas tree series marker is on the back of the bell.

Hallmark is doing many of these scenes within a shape type ornament right now, and I am loving all of them.  The creativity and fun are in top form for the second A World Within ornament.

Be sure to check out the rest of the A World Within series.

Original Price: $7.95

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