Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 25th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Here we go - this week's TV post.  I'm glad two of my shows weren't on this week since I spent most of the week behind on TV.  Well, and all my Thursday shows were off as well.

I just watch too much TV.

Once Upon a Time – I didn’t even think about the Evil Queen and the anti-magic potion until that final scene.  With her teamed up with not-Robin Hood, we are in for a wild ride.  I don’t like seeing Bae give in to the magic even in a flashback (and the older actor or different actor was really bugging me, too).  But what is Gold’s end game with Gideon.  I’m sure he has a plan, but I don’t see what that could be.

Dancing with the Stars – I’ve long said that if there was a season without any stars I was super anxious to see, I’d give the season a pass.  Yet here I am watching.  That’s right, I have no one I am really rooting for.  The judges seemed to think everyone was pretty similar, and I agree with their scores.  The best and worst were easy to spot, and they were scored appropriately, too.  I think I know who is going next week, the comedian who did so poorly early on, but we’ll see if I’m right.

24: Legacy – There’s always at least one super torture episodes per season, and this was obviously it.  So who is this new bad guy we will now be tracking down?  I don’t think I remembered his name.  And was it just me, or did it look like no one actually died in the drone strike.  That was a complete waste.

Supergirl – Once again, this show isn’t really part of any crossover, it’s just the final scene that sets up the musical episode of The Flash.  However, that’s not to say this was a bad episode at all.  In fact, I really enjoyed the two stories and how they played off each other.  Winn is too easy to forgive, but Kara is too stubborn.  And I’m loving Teri Hatcher as Mon-El’s Mom.

The Flash – Loved it!  Okay, so they were mostly covers of songs, but still, it was so much fun.  A bit hokey being the alternative world, but very much the delight I thought it would be.  My favorite was definitely the Super Friends numbers.  I was laughing so much at it.  And Barry’s second proposal was beautiful as well.

Legends of Tomorrow – That can’t be good.  The ending?  I mean, I can only imagine the trouble that the Legion is going to unleash on us.  I’m not a Lord of the Rings fan at all (I agreed with Nick in his long about Tolkien loving long stories), but I still know enough to enjoy all the references they made to the story.  These cameos they are putting in this season are truly delightful.

Arrow – Even after five years, I’m still not a fan of the flashbacks, so a flashback heavy episode is not going to be an episode I enjoy.  Couple that with the torture and Oliver’s “secret” (come on, we all knew he enjoyed this too much) and we had an episode I didn’t enjoy.  Hopefully, this will bring some growth for Oliver, but I’m not holding my breath.

Survivor – No!!  Not Malcom!!!  I really, really wanted him to win or at least go far.  And I’m ready for Sandra and her arrogance to go.  I don’t know why Jeff was so surprised at everything that’s been going on since they set up two tribes to vote one person off.  It was an interesting twist, but I don’t think it was necessarily in anyone’s best interests to do it this way – even the producers since fans love Malcom so much.

Designated Survivor – So what is Aaron’s deal?  I’ve assumed all along he was a red herring, but that meeting at the end sure made me suspect otherwise.  And why was Hannah on to him at the end?  Are the kids safe at Camp David?  I hope so.  That was a hard scene to watch as they flew away.  So much intrigue.  So many twists in one episode.  I love this show!


  1. DWTS: I don't have anyone this season either.

    Survivor: I'm a big Ozzie fan, but Malcolm was probably my second favorite. As soon as it was announced that two teams would have a joint tribal council, you just knew that the very best at challenges would be in serious danger. I'm sure that if Ozzie's team had gone instead of Malcolm's team, it would be Ozzie gone.

    1. I don't get why they aren't going after Sandra. She is crazy good at the outlasting part. She needs to go if the rest of them don't want to hand her a third win.

  2. I've thought the same with Dancing with the Stars but there was one season awhile ago where I knew no one and I actually ended up enjoying it more because it felt like I got to know them. I haven't watched the premier yet but I'm looking forward to it!

    1. I always enjoying learning more about the people as time goes on. And I'm usually rooting for someone else to win about the time the person who hooked me in is eliminated. It's why I decided to go ahead and watch this season even though I probably could have skipped this one.