Monday, March 13, 2017

Music Review: These are the Days by Love & the Outcome

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun music and thoughtful lyrics
Cons: Borders on the overproduced side, which will quickly make it dated
The Bottom Line:
Duo back with more
Focuses us on God with
More fun pop music

These Are the Days for More Good Music from Love & the Outcome

I stumbled upon the debut from husband and wife duo Chris Rademaker and Jody King not too long after it came out, and I’ve been enjoying it.  They offer fun lyrics wrapped in polished pop.  Naturally, that meant I wanted to get their sophomore effort, and These Are the Days continues the trend.

The first single off this release quickly climbed up Christian music charts, and it is very easy to see why.  “The God I Know” is a fun, upbeat song of praise that talks about how God can change a life.

The next track is my personal favorite on the disc.  “Galaxies” marvels at the fact that the God who spoke the world into existence can know and love and care about us individually.  That has long been something I have marveled at, and I always enjoy hearing a fresh perspective on the topic.

As the disc continues, you get songs about commitment to God (“Ends of the Earth” and “If I Don’t Have You”) and how God makes things all worthwhile (“Louder, Closer, Deeper” “Palaces?”) or even how God has already conquered the things we battle here on earth (“Gates”).  Chris and Jody recently welcomed their first child into their family, and that influences several songs on this disc, most noticeably “Seek & Find.”

What struck me the most listening to this disc is how many of these feel like they are worship songs.  I could picture singing many of them in church on Sunday mornings.  And yet, they manage to avoid the repetitive lyrics pitfall that usually annoys me in the modern worship genre.

Most of the songs are mid-tempo polished pop.  I do think that some of their production will date the sound of the album in a few years, but for today’s audience it sounds wonderful.  While the few slower tracks are certainly welcome for a change of pace, they make each track unique enough to stand out.

Chris and Jody continue to impress me with fun yet thoughtful music.  If you are looking for a new duo to try, be sure to check out Love & the Outcome’s These Are the Days.

CD Length: 48:18
1. Strangers
2. The God I Know
3. Galaxies
4. Ends of the Earth
5. Good Life
6. If I Don’t Have You
7. Gates
8. Palaces
9. Hear From You
10. These Are the Days
11. Louder, Closer, Deeper
12. Paradise
13. Seek & Find

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