Saturday, May 13, 2017

May 13th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Next week is a big week.  Many of my shows have their season finales and the networks will announce their line up for next season.  I'm trying to think if there are any shows I'm still waiting to hear about.  I think everything I plan to watch has been renewed already, in fact.  (Powerless was canceled, but I was done with it, and The Great Indoors is still up in the air, but I'm done with it as well.)  Which means I hope none of the new shows sound any good because I'm not in the market for anything new.

I'm not sure how I feel about Once Upon a Time's renewal.  Without Emma or most of the characters we already know, it will be a very different show.  I think it will tank in the ratings next year.  But I will tune in and watch it to see what they do.  Hopefully, it will be something worth watching.

But that's next week and next year.  Here's what I watched this week.

Arrow (5/3) – Very interesting episode.  I don’t feel like Oliver and Felicity really dealt with all their issues, but it was still good to see them actually talking through their relationship.  And you knew William was going to come into play since they’ve now brought him up twice.  That can’t be good at all.

Once Upon a Time – I must admit I was a little disappointed.  It was fun, but I felt like it could be better.  I love how the one song included winks and nods to songs from Snow White and Pinocchio.  Nice wedding.   Too bad the latest curse had to interrupt it.

Supergirl – So that was the plan.  Something tells me things are going to go from bad to worse.  But I wonder if Marcus’s race can help us at all.  We are going to have big final couple of episodes this season.  Just the scope of what they are going to have to do is blowing my mind and we haven’t seen any of it yet.

Dancing with the Stars – I think the scores told the story – it was time for Bonner to go.  Like the guy, but he was definitely the weakest one left.  Considering his injuries (that they reminded us of every week), he really was amazing.

The Great Indoors – Typical season finale in a lot of ways.  Teased us with things we want yet ultimately walked them back.  It was almost enough to make me curious where they would go if they came back for a second season.  Almost.  I really am done with this one.

Angie Tribecca – A rare episode that fell flat for me (pun only partially intended).  Yes, there were some good lines and good gags, but we also had the lecture that was the 1960’s NASA.  I guess this one was just more uneven than the usual episode for me.

The Flash – I had hopes this would be a good episode, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Barry’s memory wipe had some far reaching consequences I did not see coming.  And I like how they really played with his character.  I do miss the lighter Barry we had in season one.  While still not as dark as Arrow, this show has definitely gotten darker over the years.

Team Ninja Warrior – Another epic episode with plenty of surprises.  It really is fun watching them compete head to head.  And it almost really is anyone’s game when that happens.

Arrow – Why do I have a feeling that Chase intended to be caught?  And what is up with Wild Dog missing the custody hearing?  Not happy about that at all.  That video for Thea?  Wow!  Very powerful moment for sure.

Survivor – I’ve lost who the alliances are, so I don’t even know if this was people staying on the same side for an episode or not.  I agree with Jeff, we are in for a wild ride for the last couple of episodes.  And the loved one visits?  They got me more than they usually do this time.

Designated Survivor – Wow!  If that’s where they leave us for the next to last episode of the season, where will they leave us for the season finale?  So interesting watching the conspiracy playing havoc with the politics.  Kirkman is right, but I certainly understand where the others are coming from.  And I loved his phone call with his wife.  Their relationship is such a strength to the series.

The Big Bang Theory – I was not expecting that ending at all!  I figured that we’d get Sheldon torn between two women for the cliffhanger, not the proposal he was thinking about doing a couple of seasons ago.  Love it!!

The Amazing Race – Goodbye Michael and Liz.  So glad to have you off my TV.  Your constant bickering at everything and carrying a grudge was so annoying.

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  1. I agree about Bonner. I think the dancing was taking a bigger toll on him than he was expecting and his attitude seemed to be failing him a little. I think David Ross will be next even though I love him!