Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ornament Review: North Pole Tree Trimmers #4 - Present Wrapper - 2016 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Cute elf ready to wrap presents
Cons: Blends in on tree, tips
The Bottom Line:
Elf ready to work
Making presents appealing
Can blend into tree

It’s the Wrapping Elf

Hallmark has many series that focus on Santa in one form or another, but the elves are finally getting their turn with the North Pole Tree Trimmers series.  Based on the series title, I thought it would be all about decorating, but they’ve proven me wrong, and the 2016 entry in the series continues that trend.

You see, this elf is part of the present wrapping crew.  He’s currently between presents, but he’s ready for the next one to roll off the assembly line.  While he waits, he’s holding his scissors and leaning on the tape dispenser.  Yes, the tape dispenser is not sized for elves, so he is able to lean on the top without bending over at all.  And his scissors are almost as big as he is.  The elf himself is dressed mainly in green with a reddish brown vest, hat, and shoes.

Elves wear green, I get it.  But the result with this ornament is that he tends to blend into the tree.  The fact that the tape dispenser is red does help him stand out.  The elves being green work well with the actual decoration elves since it is easy to imagine them sneaking through a tree and working to fix things, but on ornaments like this, it is a little disappointing.

That’s not to say the ornament isn’t cute.  This guy is very appealing, and it’s hard to imagine him wearing something other than green.  I think I find the decorating elves in the series more appealing overall since that’s what I expected based on the series name, so the fact that I don’t love this ornament is probably more me than the ornament itself.

Between the elf and the dispenser, there is a nice flat base, so you can set this ornament out.  Maybe you want him to keep you company while you wrap presents; he’d certainly work for that.  You’ll find the 4 in a Christmas tree on the bottom of the tape dispenser.

Of course, an ornament is supposed to be hung, and you’ll find the loop in the front of the elf’s hat.  The position might look weird, but it works because the ornament is almost balanced.  It tips slightly back and to the left toward the tape dispenser.  Given that, I don’t think it could be any straighter since I don’t know where else they’d put the loop.  The tip is certainly easily enough to hide with tree branches on your tree.

Despite my reservations, this is a fun addition to the North Pole Tree Trimmers series.  It might not be my favorite, but it is still cute.

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Original Price: $15.95

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