Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 24's Weekly TV Thoughts

No ramblings this week.  Let's just get right to it.

America Ninja Warrior – Some of those stories early on were so amazing and heart tugging.  I was so impressed with the legally blind guy making it as far as he did.  That’s so impressive.  I was rooting for Kacy to make it to the end.  So disappointing that she didn’t get there.  That ring jump obstacles turned out to be tougher than it looked for sure.  Oh, and I was rooting for the twins to make it to the same obstacles, so I was bummed when that didn’t happen.

Spartan – I’m sure it is no surprise that I was rooting for the Ninja team.  I was a bit surprised by how much Meghan struggled, but they pulled together well.  And I found myself rooting for Saddle Up, too, so their win made me very happy.  Tough, tough obstacles.  I know it is designed for a team, but still.  I’m glad I’m just watching this run.

Team Ninja Warrior – Wow!  It was hard to know who to root for, and I honestly would have been okay with either of the teams that were in the finals winning tonight, so I’m thrilled with the outcome.  So many close races.  Great TV.

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