Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ornament Review: Johnny Appleseed - Storybook Classics Collection #10 - 2017 Disney Store Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Perfectly captures rare Disney character
Cons: None to be found here
The Bottom Line:
Johnny Appleseed
Captured in wonderful piece
Please fans of the rare

Bushels of Apples for Johnny

Disney really has been pulling from their rare characters for the Storybook Classic Collection, and I’ve been loving it.  The latest release in this series is Johnny Appleseed, and the ornament is wonderful.

The cartoon this ornament is based on is from the Melodytime movie and tells the story of folk hero Johnny Appleseed who traveled much of the mid-west planting apple orchards.  Of course, I’m sure the short is highly fictionalized, but Johnny was a real person.

The ornament comes from early in the short when Johnny is gathering apples from his own orchard before he leaves home to travel west.  He’s got three bushels of apples balanced in his wheelbarrow as he takes them to storage.

And anyone who loves the Disney animated version will love this ornament.  You can actually point to the moment they’ve decided to capture here, and it looks wonderful.  There is no mistaking who this character is or what he is doing.  For a rare character to get any merchandising for at all, this is very special.

Since this ornament came from the Disney Store, it has an apple red ribbon through it all ready to hang on your tree.  Okay, so the Disney Store usually uses red ribbons, but the tie in here is perfect.  The ornament tips to one side ever so slightly when you pick up the ornament by the ribbon, but it’s hardly noticable.  That’s a good thing – we wouldn’t want to spill any apples.

But you might want to display Johnny year round, or maybe during harvest season.  If you choose to do that, you can easily set him out since Johnny and his wheelbarrow are on a nice, flat base painted to look like grass.

If you are a fan of the rarer Disney offerings or Johnny Appleseed in particular, you need this ornament.  It’s absolutely wonderful.

Enjoy more rare Disney characters with the rest of the Storybook Classics Collection.

Original Price: $19.95

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