Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Can you tell that we've hit summer time?  Just look how short this list is.  And if I'd watched the first two shows last week, it would be even shorter.

Celebrity Ninja Warrior (5/25) – I have been excited about this ever since they announced Stephen Amell (star of Arrow) was going to be on it.  Obviously, I enjoyed seeing Derek Hough of Dancing with the Stars run it as well.  Everyone was great, but what I think I loved most was the way the Ninjas were jumping on the course to help as needed or be there to help is needed.  That was wonderful.  Yes, it was obviously about raising money, but that spirit was fun to watch.  And Stephen seemed to be exactly as I have thought from his social media accounts, a genuinely nice guy.  Love to see that.

The Amazing Race (5/25) – Knowing how much I am rooting against Brooke, you can guess how happy I was with the outcome.  So bummed!  I was actually rooting for the Boys to win, and their one wrong decision to take the subway cost them the race.  Bummer!  Okay, so the bad driver didn’t help them.  Oh well, at least I’ve got two teams I can root for in the finals.

Angie Tribecca – Seems like they could have played things up for a few more laughs, but overall a very fun episode.  So where are they going with the father storyline?  Will we meet him next week?  Oh, and I loved a town of people all in witness protection and seeing a guy again who identified which episode he was fun.  So very funny.

Team Ninja Warrior – The Ring of Fire has been a problem all season, but I don’t know that I remember so many people falling on it as happened tonight.  And some big names, too.  I was rooting for the firefighters, so I was disappointed by the outcome, but it was an episode filled with twists.

The Amazing Race – Well bummer.  As you can see above, I was rooting against Brooke.  Scott deserved to win for putting up with her.  I mean, look at how she freaked out over the tire change.  There really was no chance for the teams to change places on this one.  It was like the last leg, everyone finished in the order they left the airport.  That makes for a pretty boring leg.

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