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Ornament Review: Touchdown Mickey - Mickey's Movie Mousterpieces #5 - 2016 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great ornament based on a rare short
Cons: Naming a con would be a foul
The Bottom Line:
Mickey and football
Combine in fun ornament
Based on rare old short

Hallmark Scored a Touchdown with this Ornament

I have a secret.  Promise not to tell?  I’ve actually grown to enjoy football.  I know, I know, this non-sports guy enjoys football season.  Of course, my idea of watching football is having the TV on while I’m reading or doing something on my computer.  Sometimes, I’ll even have the volume on.  I’ll watch a play or two every quarter, and I certainly don’t follow any particular team.  It’s helped the last couple of years that I’ve been playing in a fantasy football league with some friends.  Heck, I even won this last year.  (And all I get is bragging rights, so that’s why this introduction is so incredibly long.)

So why am I spilling this secret right now?  Because football plays into the Hallmark ornament I’m here to review today – Touchdown Mickey.  Of course, I did buy it because it’s part of the Mickey’s Movie Mousterpieces series.  (I haven’t even thought about buying any of their football player ornaments, after all.)

This ornament is based on a 1932 short of the same name, which finds Mickey and a group of other characters (none of his regular named crew then or now) playing a hard fought football game.  The shenanigans they get into as they fight to come back and win are very funny if nowhere near the legal rules then or now.

This ornament is a first for the series – the first based on one of Mickey’s black and white shorts.  However, the ornament is in full color.  Okay, so Mickey is still mostly black and white like he should be, but his football shorts and the football he’s carrying in his left arm are both brown.  His right arm is out in front of him helping clear the way.  And he’s running across green grass with a white yard marker in it.  Heck, you can even see the spikes on his yellow shoes.

There are lots of shots of Mickey running in this short, but I have a feeling this ornament was based more on a poster advertising the short.  This ornament is a spitting image of Mickey on that old poster, including the spikes on his shoes, which he doesn’t have in the short.

If you are looking at this as an ornament from one of Mickey’s more obscure shorts, you’ll love it.  But if you are just looking at is as Mickey playing football and want it because you love both, you’ll also love this ornament.  It’s fun either way.

The grass Mickey is running across forms a nice roundish base, so you can easily set it out to be displayed year round, or just during football season.  You’ll also find the 5 in a Christmas tree series marker on the bottom.

But if you want to hang the ornament, you’ll be thrilled to find that Mickey is perfectly balanced.  But that’s no surprise.  After all, athletes much have good balance to be good athletes, right?  And it’s very impressive considering Mickey is in full on run here.

Touchdown Mickey may be one of his lesser known shorts, but that doesn’t mean the ornament is any less fantastic.  Any fan of the rarer Disney offerings will love it, as will any casual fan of Mickey and football.

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Original Price: $12.95

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