Saturday, November 11, 2017

November 11th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Once Upon a Time (11/3) – So “Ivy” is awake.  And she is plotting against her mother.  Someone doesn’t want Hook to find his daughter.  (I’m assuming that this is who his missing person really is.)  And Henry and Regina are about to figure out who they truly are.  This is getting very interesting and it’s getting better as it goes along for sure.  Flashback were an interesting take on part of The Princess and the Frog as well.  I love how they are working bits of that into the present story, plus the Wreck It Ralph shout out was great.

Supergirl – So here’s what I don’t get about the Maggie storyline.  They’ve known they had 5 episodes with her, and that was all.  So why, back in the spring when it was first announced she wasn’t going to be a full time regular, did they say the fans wouldn’t notice she was gone.  Hello.  We are going to notice big time!!!  I’m definitely loving Adrian Pasdar as the villain.  And how perfect were Lena and Jimmy’s scenes?  Yes, they may still not get along, but they are building respect.

Dancing with the Stars – I would have been okay with Terrel leaving after last week, but he was amazing in that first dance tonight.  And how fun were having the trios with the former stars?  I absolutely loved that.  Nothing against the troop, but this was much more fun.  They need to do this every season.

Lethal Weapon – Leo was back!  I’d heard he was coming back, but I’d forgotten.  Poor Roger now having two losers in his life like this.  Fortunately, his wife is very patient.  I’m sorry that Martin’s trailer isn’t going to be on the beach any more.  I liked that location.  But inside the garage is a pretty cool location for it.

The Flash – I was completely on board with this episode when I first heard about it.  Loved the idea of the ladies getting a chance to shine.  Heck, I’m fine with them doing it more often.  But did we have to have the lecturing?  Seriously, that is such a turn off.  Just show the women kicking butt, don’t puff yourself up that this is what you are doing.  But overall, it was fun.  I even found drunk Barry funny, and drunk characters usually annoy me.  I’m no fan of Katee Sackhoff, but I even found her fun.  As long as that is all they expect of the character, I won’t be too annoyed by her.

Legends of Tomorrow – That felt like Halloween episode part 2.  A little freaky for sure, and can’t we just let Darkh stay dead please?  However, I liked seeing Arthur get his just desserts so to speak.  Seriously, what was he thinking letting them do their ceremony?

This is Us – Kevin is so right.  He’s not the big romantic guy.  But that doesn’t mean he and Sophie can’t make it work.  They just need to know this going into a relationship.  So I’m wondering if they are truly over or if they will realize this, too.  Glad we are getting the big wedding.  And I hope that Randall is doing the right thing.  Interesting watching the Pearsons and his dad in the flashbacks, and that last scene with the judges were so good.

Survivor – Still really don’t like Joe.  Still really, really hope that he goes soon.  That feast?  I so want in on that.  Yum!  I’m surprised some of those people didn’t eat themselves sick.  And that challenge was pretty creative, too.  I don’t think any alliances are truly formed – at least big ones, so it will be interesting to see how everything shakes out next week.

The Big Bang Theory – I’m actually a little surprised that they broke up Sheldon and Bert already.  I could see them getting two or three episodes out of this secret working relationship at least.  But it would have always ended with Sheldon being a jerk.  So how long will Raj be able to truly keep this relationship he’s in casual.

Young Sheldon – Anyone besides me think that wasn’t not at all the way Meemaw had been portrayed on The Big Bang Theory, either via memories (which granted can be wrong) or in her one appearance?  That’s been the one note that didn’t ring true so far.  Also, this episode had another reason I feared I wouldn’t like the show – Sheldon mocking religion.  They keep it to a minimum on Big Bang Theory, but if they are going to keep going with it here, I’m out.

Arrow – I could have done without the extended fight scene.  Definitely saw the end twist coming, but I’m curious what this will mean for Slade next week.  Meanwhile, this FBI agent is going to be a serious issue.  I don’t get why Dina became Black Canary with her right there.  I wouldn’t have risked it.  She was trying to keep everyone else safe, after all.

The Orville – I wasn’t too surprised when I saw they were bringing the guy Kelly cheated with back.  It was an obvious plot point at some point.  I wasn’t expecting the hilarity that ensued.  Yes, I did find the flirting funny, although they obviously took things too far.  I could have done without some of those scenes.  But that final scene?  What does it mean that Kelly “might” have been under the influence of these hormones before?  I mean, Ed has now seen firsthand how they affect you.

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