Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Music Review: Faith Hope Love Repeat by Brandon Heath

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Well written songs of encouragement
Cons: Most songs have repeated lines
The Bottom Line:
Encouraging songs
Mixed with some honest lyrics
In fun pop music

Need Encouragement?  Listen to this CD.  Need More?  Repeat

I know that CDs take a long time to come out.  There’s the writing and recording and mixing.  So that makes it so remarkable that Faith Hope Love Repeat is hitting shelves right now.  With the natural disasters we’ve had in our country in the past few months, I know I could use a little encouragement.  We get that encouragement in spades from Brandon Heath’s latest project.

The disc starts off with an upbeat pop number that reminds us that “The Future is Bright.”  In keeping with a song about the future, there are even some robot effects in the song.  And how can he be promising us this?  Because we know that Jesus is coming back and this world is not our home.  It’s always a great reminder.

I can definitely identify with the sentiments in “I Run.”  Like Paul before him, he’s using the idea of running a race as a metaphor for living the Christian life.  As a runner myself, I get exactly what he’s talking about here.  The struggles with running echo so much in the struggles to live life like God has called us to live.  And yet, the song encourages us with the reminder that Jesus is waiting for us at the end.  If I ever start listening to music while I run again, you can bet this one will make my playlist.

Then there’s the title track.  It’s a song written from a parent to a child about the world.  The verses paint such a warm picture of a parent/child relationship, but the song admits that struggles will come.  And when they do come, turn to God for “Faith Hope Love Repeat.”  It’s a mid-tempo pop song that could easily cross across charts.  And the song takes on more meaning when you read in the notes that Brandon will be welcoming his first child in just a few weeks.

“A Little Faith” is another upbeat song written from God’s point of view that reminds us that He can use just a little faith and He will do the rest, including growing our faith.

Brandon gets honest in some of these songs, too.  “Whole Heart” admits that he doesn’t always give God his whole heart, but God already knows that is there and wants to heal the scars and help Brandon grow more.  “Someone Like Me” marvels that God would save sinners who constantly turn their backs on Him.  While Brandon uses some examples from the Bible, he also includes himself in the number of those who don’t deserve God’s grace and mercy.  That’s certainly true for me.

The disc closes out with the slower “Only One in the World.”  At first glance, this might seem like a downer to end on, especially when I’ve been talking about encouragement this whole time.  Brandon is talking about the days of struggle that come with living in a sinful, fallen world.  Frankly, I find it encouraging to know others struggle like this, and the song is so poetic and beautiful to listen to.  However, at the end, he brings in God’s love and how that changes his view of life.  It’s just one line, but it really changes things.

I have to touch on the fun “Got the Love.”  This song has a very fun, 70’s retro vibe to it, and the description of love certainly fits some of the songs from that decade as well.

My only real problem with this disc is one of repeated lyrics.  Even the songs I’ve praised above suffer from lines or phrases that get repeated.  I do find it a little wearying on repeated listens, but that’s my only real complaint.

Brandon Heath has proved he is a gifted song writer and singer, and Faith Hope Love Repeat shows it off once again.  If you are a fan of his music, you’ll enjoy this latest release.  And if you need some encouragement in your life, I would definitely encourage you to pick it up today.

CD Length: 39:46
1. The Future is Bright
2. Whole Heart
3. I Run
4. Got the Love
5. Don’t Be Afraid
6. Faith Hope Love Repeat
7. A Little Faith
8. Lighthouse
9. You’ll Find Love Again
10. Only One in the World

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