Friday, November 3, 2017

Tree Skirt Review: Oh What Fun! Tree Skirt - 2017 Hallmark Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun scene and light show
Cons: Wish all the lights participated in the show
The Bottom Line:
Mickey, Pluto fly
Across your Christmas tree skirt
Lights add extra fun

Magic for Your Tree Skirt

I have matching tree skirts that I’ve used for years and loved.  They are red with white trim.  Simple, but I wasn’t looking for anything else until I saw Hallmark’s Oh What Fun! Tree Skirt that released this year.  That’s when I knew I’d be replacing one of them.

This tree skirt ties in with the Oh What Fun! Tree Topper that was also released this year.  And it looks very much like the topper.  On a green background, we have Mickey sitting in Santa’s sleigh with a bag full of presents.  In front of him, we have two reindeer and the Pluto out in the very front.  This scene is repeated three times on the tree skirt.  Above this scene we get snowflakes of various sizes.  All of this is sown just like a tree skirt would be, although it is a bit stiff because of the electronics included.

The skirt itself is fairly large.  It has a radius of 2 feet, which means when it is all spread out, it covers a circle that is 4 feet from side to side.

Now if it were just this, I might have looked at it, said how fun, and passed.  What made me buy it was the fact that this connects to Hallmark’s Magic Cord.  When you do that, the outlines of Mickey, the reindeer, and Pluto light up with yellowish/white lights.  The snowflakes also have pure white lights.  They flash whenever the Magic Cord is plugged into the wall.

This tree skirt doesn’t control the show, however, when you press the button on any other Magic Cord ornament, the lights around Mickey, Pluto, and the reindeer all flash along with the music.

And that right there is my only real complaint with the tree skirt.  I wish all the lights on the skirt participated when a show was going on.  That would be a lot of fun.

Of course, if you only have one tree, this skirt will get covered with presents as you get close to Christmas.  Maybe the thinking is that the inside lights will be buried and you’d only see the outside lights.  Personally, I plan to put presents under the tree that has the regular skirt and leave this one so it can be enjoyed without being covered at all.

And the connection for the Magic Cord?  It’s tucked into a pocket sown into the bottom of the skirt.  It took me a few minutes to find it.

Am I disappointed that all the lights aren’t part of the show?  Yes.  But I’m still glad I bought the Oh What Fun! Tree Skirt because it’s, well, fun.

Original Price: $99.95

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