Saturday, November 4, 2017

November 4th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Took some time this morning catching up on everything, so that's why the post is a bit late this week.

Once Upon a Time (10/27) – That was a very bittersweet episode.  The idea of so many happy years together and yet Belle dying.  Wow!  I did love how they wove Up into the episode since I love that movie so much.  So, who is this Guardian who can free Rumple.  Henry?  Or is it Alice, since Alice was the first person he saw when he came through the portal.  I’ve been assuming that Rumple was “awake” the entire time, but maybe he just woke up after being shot.  Either way, that will make things interesting now.  I’m just trying to figure out the timeline since it looked like Rumple jumped into our new Forest about the time of the ball when Henry met Cinderella.  Now I know time stood still for everyone else when he was there, but how is it that Gideon is a young man, yet the other characters haven’t aged 20+ years.

Supergirl – Well, that episode wasn’t as completely one sided as I thought it would be.  And the cult was sufficiently, creepy, that’s for sure.  But they are going to break my heart later in the season when they have the villainess become truly evil.  I like her.  I don’t want to see that.  I’d rather she stay a single mom trying to balance everything.

Dancing with the Stars – The scariest thing about that episode was the double elimination.  I think that’s the first time they had one without announcing it the week before.  Drew is still on the bottom as far as I am concerned, but these others would probably gone next.  There were some very fun dances, and that final team dance was amazing.

The Flash – I thought I was going to enjoy Cisco’s sub-plot, but I found it a little boring.  However, I’m intrigued by this new member of the team.  I think his interactions with Barry could be a whole lot of fun.  Joe’s reveal in the helicopter to Barry definitely made me laugh.

Legends of Tomorrow – I’ve heard that Victor Garber was leaving the show, and they are obviously setting the stage for that.  I do hope he gets a happy ending in 2017 with his grandson.  I would hate to see him killed off.  I don’t think they would do that because it would allow him to pop up just about anywhere again.  At least I hope not.  Anyway, as soon as I saw the candy I knew they were doing ET.  Okay, so it was ET via Aliens.  Still, I had to laugh when they went for the flying bikes.  And there were so many great one liners.  I think my favorite was finding out Rory’s favorite musical.  I’m a fan of “Fiddler” as well.

This is Us – I wound up liking this one more than I thought I would at the beginning.  I am so invested in the current storyline that it is often hard to have these flashbacks.  For me, it was the final scene with Rebecca talking to baby Randall and baby Tess.  The monologues on this show are always so good.  And it is interested to see Kate moving to LA and Miguel reconnecting with Rebecca.  So she was single for at least 8 years.  I’d wondered how they had gotten together.

Survivor – So Ali was right not to trust anyone.  It wouldn’t have made any difference for her, but it’s still hard.  They really would have been smart to get the strong guy out.  He’s going to be tough to get rid of after the merge – they were completely right about that.

Designated Survivor – I’m now intrigued by both of the on going storylines.  The First Lady’s mother is making things as hard as she can for people, that’s for sure.  And who really committed the murder?  We know it’s not the Secretary of State.  I just wish the President were a little more involved in these stories since without him involved they feel more like sub-plots to the main crisis of the week, where Kirkman always shines.

Big Bang Theory – That was rare.  Usually, they don’t have characters crossing from one storyline to another, but they did this time.  I liked it.  Some pretty surprising and fun moments, too.  I wonder if we’ll hear more about this Professor Proton reboot.  I could see that being fun down the line as well.

Young Sheldon – Still not super impressed, mainly because we’re supposed to be laughing at Sheldon and the Coopers making fools out of themselves.  That final scene was perfect, however.

The Good Place – Fall finale already?  That’s it until 2018?  No!!!!!  Especially with that last scene.  Michael and the rest are in deep trouble now that Shawn is there in person.  The rest?  So funny.  So many great lines and funny situations.  And I think Eleanor is about to realize that she loves Chidi and that’s why she is trying to be good.  But seriously, 2018?  (With my full TV schedule, I should be complaining, but still, I just love this show.)

Arrow – Obviously, they had a very different actor playing Caden James in the one hooded shot we saw last season.  I never would have guessed that’s who Michael Emerson would be playing.  We’ve got another villain who is manipulating our heroes.  Maybe they can compare notes with the cast of The Flash and figure that out.  I hope, anyway.

The Orville – I must admit, I was expecting something along the lines of a funny Lost in Space spoof this week, but what we got was more serious.  Oh, I knew everyone would be okay, but I was still wondering how.  I didn’t know the doctor had kids before this, and boy were they annoying so much of the episode.  No real surprises in the relationship arcs, either, but I still really enjoyed the show.

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