Saturday, July 14, 2018

July 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

One new show added this week.  And Suits returns next week!

American Ninja Warrior – Wow!  So many inspiring stories tonight.  Truly inspiring, not like some of the ones we often get.  I was most moved by the woman who used to be in the wheelchair just two years ago.  Wow!  (Although did I miss it?  Did her husband not run?)  And donating a kidney and running just a couple of months later.  Having gone through surgery myself this year, that blows me away.  Of course, he was in better shape than I was before my surgery.

TKO – I was intrigued by this show, so I decided to give it a shot.  I might find myself getting tired of it fairly quickly, but for now, I think it is fun.  I’m actually surprised anyone can make it through any of those stages.  I think I’d fall off without any “help” from the other contestants, so my hat is definitely off to those two who did pretty well.

Take Two – One thing I am loving about this show is how the episodes start with one thing and quickly jump to something else.  From a sex tape to drug smuggling is the perfect example.  We are slowly seeing more of the characters, although they seem the least important part of the show.  Still, I’m loving what we are seeing.  Quirky and fun yet again.

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