Saturday, July 21, 2018

July 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Adding a new hours of TV this week with the return of Suits!

American Ninja Warrior – Was it just me, or did the doorknob obstacle not drop nearly as fast this time.  Seemed like a smoother drop, which is a good thing.  How awesome was SweetT?  Making it well beyond 5 obstacles.  But I feel so sorry for Grant.  Just barely getting eliminated for the second year in a row.

Suits – I’m happy.  I wasn’t sure how I would like this season without Rachel and Mike.  Yes, I miss them, but there is so much going on with the characters we already know (and the one new one) that I didn’t miss them too much.  Lots of good dialogue and character interaction and high stakes soap opera just like always.  I do hope this is a sign of a good season to come.

TKO – Wow!  That was a very fast winning time.  I watched it, and I still can’t believe it.  I was impressed with how few people got TKO’d.  After last week, I thought it would be the majority of people every week, but there really weren’t that many this go around.

Take Two – So fun to see Detective Ryan again, this time as a potential victim.  Once again, a great mystery full of twists.  I still don’t have a line on their formula yet, so I’m loving it.  Sad ending, however.  Believable, but so sad.  And the line about "on my show, we skipped to the scene of me walking up to the right location" was so fun.

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