Saturday, July 28, 2018

July 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – Those kids are no joke!  Two of them finished with very fast times.  Of course, Daniel beat them all, but he’s a beast as well.  Barclay was pretty amazing.  Still waiting for another woman to hit the buzzer on a city finals.  Got a little tired of them talking about Mission Impossible when they got to that obstacle.  The ads were too obvious.  Still, that was a pretty good obstacle.  I wouldn’t mind seeing it renamed and back next season.

Suits – I’m not surprised that we are getting to like Samantha a little.  She really couldn’t be a villain and work for Zane.  Loved Louis’ speech at the end, and he was completely right.  Alex is definitely in over his head, and I hope he takes that warning seriously.  This fight for next named partner is going to get very interesting.

TKO – That was a close finish.  I was rooting for the guy who came in second, too.  He seemed like a fun guy, and I wouldn’t have minded seeing him again on the season finale.  Oh well, the winner certainly had a very impressive run as well.  Me?  I’d be more like the “Dad bod” guy who started things off.

Take Two – I did not expect that ending.  Okay, so I expected that things would not be quite what they seemed for this bounty hunter case, but I wasn’t expecting Deacan to pop back up.  I liked that, and I like that we now have more of a through line to the show.  Yes, it could be frustrating if they play it out for too long, but as a season long tag, it could be fun.  And based on the ratings, I’d be shocked if we got more than this season anyway.

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