Sunday, July 7, 2019

Cookie Review: Oreo - Marshmallow Moon Limited Edition

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Nice designs, cool packaging
Cons: Middle has no real flavor
The Bottom Line:
This special cookie
Has some fun design changes
But taste underwhelms

Big Historical Event Celebrated with an Average Cookie

I don’t seem to be able to resist Oreo special edition cookies or anything marshmallow.  (Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I bought a regular Oreo cookie, but I’ve bought several special editions over the last few months.)  When I spotted the Oreo Marshmallow Moon Cookie, released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon walk this month, I had to try a package.

Like a traditional Oreo, the outside is two chocolate cookies.  One side of the cookie features one of three different designs to celebrate the moon walk, one is an astronaut planting a flag, one is a rocket flying, and the third is a crescent moon and three stars in the sky.

The inside of this book is light purple, almost lavender.  And it’s the part that is disappointing.  The middle is supposed to taste like marshmallow, and there is a light marshmallow flavor to it.  However, the chocolate cookies overpower the flavor, making it hard to really taste.  I even tried some of the middle by itself, and it tasted weak.  Since I love marshmallows, I was hoping for more of their flavor here.  Although, since marshmallow flavor seems to be weak in just about everything I try, I’m beginning to think I must like the texture just as much as I do the taste or real marshmallows, and maybe that’s my problem.

Now, don’t misunderstand.  It’s not that these cookies taste bad.  It’s just that they are underwhelming.

In a fun twist, even the packaging gets into the act with these special edition cookies.  The white part of the package glows in the dark.  It’s not very bright and doesn’t last too long (it “charges” by being in light), but it is a fun extra.  There are also three stickers on the bottom of the package that also glow in the dark.

I was curious, so I’m not sorry I tried the Oreo Marshmallow Moon Cookie, but one package was definitely enough.

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