Saturday, July 27, 2019

July 27th's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – I’m really not surprised that Drew got the second pass last night.  If anyone was going to do that, or get the trifecta, it was going to be him.  Amazing how much the weather plays into things with two people not being able to get up the final obstacles because of moisture from the rain.  Glad the brother and sister made it.  And when they say 12 people go through, it looks like they are counting the two women who move on separate.  Or am I not paying enough attention at the end when they tell us who moved on?

Suits – The gang is acting exactly as they would normally act.  No surprise.  It is nice to see that Faye is smarter than they are giving her credit for being and it isn’t working.  But boy, with all the stunts they’ve pulled, there is no way they will ever get rid of her.

Pearson – Definitely better than the premier.  I should have seen it coming that Jessica leaked her own information to the press.  That’s a classic Jessica move.  She’s right about it being smart, however.  I’m getting more interested to see where it goes, although it is going to take me a few episodes to keep everything straight, I have a feeling.

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