Saturday, July 13, 2019

July 13th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Thanks to a marathon burn off of a six episode season, I had quite a busy week of TV watching.

American Ninja Warrior – I love how the Ninja community supports each other.  Mike’s story and the other supporting him on the sidelines and in the last year was so touching.  A rookie made it to the mega tower again, which is great to see.  And I’m thrilled that Grant hit the buzzer.  I really want to see him make it to Vegas this year.

Scream: Resurrection – Yes, I watched all six episodes of the “season,” story, whatever this week.  I am a Scream fanatic, so seeing it with Ghostface and Roger Jackson’s voice was wonderful.  The writing and acting could have been sharper.  I should have seen a couple of the twists coming.  They made it so obvious we were supposed to suspect other characters that I figured it wasn’t them.  They sort of tied up most of my plot holes in the finale.  And some of those kills were absolutely brutal.  I still wish they’d wrapped up the original characters with this TV series, however.  I want to know what or who was ultimately behind everything there.

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  1. I like American Ninja Warrior too. I am always hoping they all make it- but alas, that isn't the case. They do train hard and I hate when they slip and get out.