Friday, April 9, 2021

Disney Pin Review: National Unicorn Day - Celebrate Today #4 - 2020 Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Rare character to celebrate today
Cons: Doesn’t connect with me quite as much
The Bottom Line:
It’s a fantasy
As unicorns get their day
Minor character

Today, We Celebrate Fantasy

If you’ve never looked at some of the lists of national holidays, you might be surprised that there is a day for just about everything.  I’ve been looking at the lists off and on for years, and still I’m surprised at some of the ones that pop up.  For example, April’s entry in the Celebrate Today pin series from Disney is National Unicorn Day.

National Unicorn Day?  Yes, it is a thing, and it is celebrated April 9th every year.  As the official description says “Why? Because if we don’t take time out to celebrate a beautiful, horned, rainbow–printed mythical creature then we’re most definitely missing a trick. The unicorn is a symbol of happiness, fantasy, and wonder. It’s an icon of color, of childlike splendor and magic.”  It’s kind of hard to argue with that, isn’t it?

Disney obviously agreed since they picked this day to highlight for April in this limited edition pin series.  The character they picked is Rainbow Unicorn.  I must admit, I had to really search my brain for this one.  Must mean it is time to rewatch Inside Out.  Yes, Rainbow Unicorn is a minor character from that movie.

The pin features Rainbow Unicorn looking out at us.  While she is mostly white, we can see her colorful mane.  Behind her is a pink heart.  National Unicorn Day is written down at the bottom with a cloud around it, and Unicorn is written in a rainbow of colors.  In the bottom right-hand side is the date, Apr 9, in a brass pin on pin.

It’s nice that they picked a minor character to highlight with this pin series.  Inside Out fans who are trying to get more of the characters from that pin will definitely want to track it down.  As will unicorn fans.  While I might not appreciate them as much as some, I do like this pin for what it is.

This might not be one of my favorite days to celebrate, but I’m still glad Disney chose to celebrate a minor character and National Unicorn Day.

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