Saturday, April 3, 2021

April 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

 New shows!  And I almost forgot about them, too.  If I hadn't seen my DVR was recording something, I wouldn't have watched them.  I was planning other things with my Thursday evening before that point.

Batwoman - What were they burying if they didn’t actually recover Kate’s body?  An empty box?  I thought Gotham City didn’t have any police – that’s why Jake Kane’s Crows were there – they were essentially the police.  Now we’ve got corrupt police we need to defund?  Yes, I’m sure those weren’t the questions I was supposed to be leaving the episode with, but they were the biggest ones on my mind.

The Equalizer – We come back to that – which is probably my least favorite episode of the series so far.  Then again, I have a hard time helping people who are constantly lying.  It was fairly straightforward for most of the episode.  I did think the twist at the end was pretty cool, although I did guess it not too long before the reveal.  And I suspect they will be playing up the lying to the family thing more in coming episodes.

Ellen’s Game of Games – Ellen is right, hanging around near the ceiling does look like fun.  Of course, to hang around the longest, you have to lose first, so I’m not sure I want to do that.  I was laughing at the winner since she was hitting the button but not saying anything.  I’m laughing because that would be me.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – Much better episode.  In fact, it reminded me why I love this show so much.  If I didn’t trust them, I would have worried as Zoey was obviously going to miss the meteors, but I could tell we had a happy ending coming.  Great songs along the way as well.

The Flash – That was a freaky episode.  The first scene with Cecile was the worst, but the rest of the scenes, even when I knew they were fake, were rather frightening.  So what is up with the Speed Force now?  I was hoping we were done with that drama.  (Or is it a grown-up Nora?  I didn’t follow that.)

Supergirl – Just like with The Flash’s premier several weeks ago, I really wish I had rewatched the last episode again.  It was the climax of so much that was going on, and I couldn’t really remember where everyone was.  Still, Lex had some good lines, and I am so happy that Lena and Kara are mending their friendship.  That would have been one fantastic cliffhanger if that was where they ended last season.  It’s an interesting cliffhanger for us for the next week as well.

United States of Al – There was lots of charm here, and I love the characters and the friendship between the leads.  But I can see this going two ways.  It can be fun, charming, and funny, or it can start really preaching at us.  And I can see it going either way from the pilot.  I’ll be back next week, but we will see where it goes from there.

Wipeout – Eliminated one of the rounds from the original show, but I think with the teams, that makes sense.  I felt like they really cut up the qualifiers.  We used to at least see one team go through there all the way, but not this time.  I’m just impressed with the team that came in second.  I kept counting them out, but they almost won.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – At least they didn’t have any blatant politics in this one.  Or maybe I just missed it since I kept zoning out.  I get that they are advancing the story, which has to be done, but I didn’t feel like much happened.  Or maybe it is because they focused on a storyline I haven’t been that invested in yet.  Hopefully, things will pick up over the next three weeks.

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