Saturday, May 25, 2024

May 25th's Weekly TV Thoughts

This week's biggest spoiler goes to Survivor, so be warned.

Tracker – I felt like that was a darker episode than we usually get, and I’m not sure why.  Maybe because the friend died?  Maybe because the sheriff was corrupt?  Maybe both?  I still don’t get how Colter is connected to the rest of the cast.  And I don’t get how the lawyer is always where he needs her.  Magic of TV, I guess.  Still, a strong first season, and I’m looking forward to seeing where we go next season.

The Weakest Link – I’m never a fan when they get rid of the strong early on, but they all seemed to be aiming at each other when that happened.  Honestly, there wasn’t really a super strong person.  There was a weak link at the end, and she showed it during the final round.  I was afraid they’d have a very low total early on, but they began to figure it out in later rounds.

Race to Survive – I know I wasn’t planning to watch after the first season, but here I am again.  And I’m glad.  Parts of this leg looked like fun.  You’ll notice I said parts.  Definitely wouldn’t want to climb the mountain.  But I’ll do both parts of the paddling.  And the scenery is great.  Looks like we’ve got several strong teams, at least in this leg.  It will be interesting to see if that holds all season or not.

Survivor – I think of the final three, I would have voted for Charlie.  I definitely feel like Kinsey was more of a coattail rider.  On the other hand, she survived from the tribe that was constantly losing at the beginning of the season.  Right there, that is impressive.  Overall, a good season.  I feel like Jeff liked it more than I did, but it was fun.

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