Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ornament Review: Trimming the Tree - 2012 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great music and light show
Cons: Tips forward a little; Magic Cord, so expensive
Bottom Line:
Frosty, animals
Make it look like Christmas with
Fun music and lights

Frosty and Friends have fun Trimming the Tree in this Magic Cord Ornament

One of Hallmark's popular long running series is Frosty Friends, which features a smiling Eskimo and a variety of cold weather animals.  Occasionally they do other pieces outside the official series, and 2012 was one of them with Trimming The Tree.  While I don't collect the series, I had to get this ornament.  Why?  Because it connects up with the Magic Cord, and I just love what it does.

The base of the ornament is a large circle and features Frosty, a large Christmas tree, a penguin, and a bear.  The bear and penguin are putting red balls on the tree.  Frosty is wrapping a red bead garland around it.  The tree already has red and yellow lights and white snowflakes on it and a yellow star on top.  The base of the ornament features more friends paint on it, like a killer whale and seal with smaller fish swimming with them.

When you connect this ornament to the Magic Cord, that gives it the power to light up and have music.  If you leave it alone, the lights on the tree and the star on top flash on and off.  The base also flashes - its blue, which is in keeping with the idea that it's water down there with the whale, fish, and seal swimming.

The Magic Cord not only connects the ornament to power, but it connects all the ornaments together.  If you press any of the buttons on an ornament to start a show, it then controls the lights on all the ornaments for as long as the music lasts.  This one is no exception and I enjoy watching these ornaments interact.

But Trimming the Tree has a show of its own.  When you press the button located just left of center, it plays a fun instrumental version of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas."  It's an upbeat version of the song and is quite fun to listen to.  It's got an electronic orchestra feel to it, but that might just be me.  The song lasts for about a minute, which is actually rather long for these ornaments.  While it is playing, the lights on the ornament flash in time to the music, and the other ornaments fade in and out with the occasional flash on musical accents.  It's so much fun I can't help but smile as I watch.

Because of the base, you could set this out on a mantel or shelf to enjoy.  However, there is a hook for hanging the ornament hidden behind the star at the top of the tree.  That presents the only flaw for the ornament - it tips forward some when you hang it.  However, it's not enough to truly be a problem since the branches on my tree are helping to straighten it.  In fact, I'd forgotten it tipped at all until I was writing this review.

As with all the Magic Cords, it is expensive, so I didn't rush out and get it.  I kept eyeing it all year and finally bought it, however.  And I'm thrilled I did.  Even though I don't have any other Frosties, I love the light show and the song.  It was just too much fun to pass up.

So whether you like Frosty Friends or not, consider tracking down Trimming The Tree.  The fun light and music show will add a nice touch to your own tree.

Original Price: $29.95

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