Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Index: Ornaments by Year - 2015

Here are my reviews for ornaments released in 2015.

Admiral Ackbar
Art of Disney Animation: Ichabod and Katrina
Art of Disney Animation: Phil
Art of Disney Animation: Rhaposdy in Blue
Art of Disney Animation: Cheshire Cat
Art of Disney Animation: Olaf
Captain Phasma
Christmas Cupcake: Tasty Tannenbaum
Christmas Window #13: Tammy's Tune Shop
Clock Strikes Twelve!
Cookie Cutter Halloween
Cookie Cutter Christmas: Visions of Sugar Plums
Cool Icicles #3 - Nutcracker
Disney/Pixar Legends - Wall-E
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Family Game Night #2 - Monopoly
Fantasia 75th Anniversary
Friend of a Feather
Happy Halloween!: Zombie
It is Moi, Miss Piggy
Jiminy Cricket
Jingle Bell Rock
Joy to the World
Keepsake Cupcakes: Display Case
Keepsake Cupcakes: A Little Crab Cake
Keepsake Cupcakes: Sly and Sweet
Keepsake Cupcakes: Punkin' Kitty
Keepsake Cupcakes: Grateful Gobblers
Keepsake Cupcakes: Salty and Sweet
Keepsake Cupcakes: New Year's Snowman
Kylo Ren
Let It Go
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
Making Memories: Chillin' Together
Marjolein's Garden: A Home for Wren
Merriest House in Town
Mickey's Fire Brigade
Mickey's Movie Mousterpieces: Sorcerer's Apprentice
Moments that Made Disney: Fantasia Premiers
Moments that Made Disney: Bambi Premiers
Moments that Made Disney:Saludos Amigos
Moments that Made Disney: Treasure Island
Moments that Made Disney: Wonderful World of Color
Moments that Made Disney: Mickey Mouse Club Premiers
Moments that Made Disney: Tribute to Walt
Noelville: Clock Shop
Noelville Mouse House
North Pole Tree Trimmers: Glitter Elf
Olaf in Summer
Once Upon a Christmas: Packing Up the Toys
Petite Treat
Pinocchio 75th Anniversary
Princess Anna
Rich "Uncle" Pennybags
Santa Certified #3 - Rocking Horse
Season's Treatings #7 - Tree Stack of Cookies
Snowtop Lodge - Hans K. Woodsworth
Spotlight on Snoopy: Building Buddies Snoopy
Star Wars: C-3PO and R2-D2
Steeped in Spirit
Tis the Seasoning #2 - Salty and Peppy
Toymaker Santa: Tractor
Toy Store Dreams
12 Days of Christmas: Five Golden Rings
Winter Fun with Snoopy #18 - Snowmobiling
World Within #1
Year of Disney Magic: Lucky Donald
Year of Disney Magic: Shower Season
Year of Disney Magic: A Drink from Daisy
Year of Disney Magic: Goofy the Graduate
Year of Disney Magic: Yankee Doodle Mickey
Yo, Rugman!

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