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Index: Hallmark Series Ornaments

Outside of the pop culture ornaments I buy from Hallmark, I have a weakness for their series ornaments.  In fact, series ornaments make up much of what I buy.  Here are my reviews of Hallmark's series, both pop culture and more Christmasy offerings.

Advance to Go
This three piece miniature ornament series features tokens from the board game Monopoly.
Sack of Money
Race Car

All About Mickey
This new series will feature Mickey enjoying different hobbies and occupations.
Tourist Mickey

Art of Disney Animation
Actually, this is a Disney Store limited series.  Released over 12 months, each ornament highlights different moments in Disney animation, some well known, some rarer.
Ichabod and Katrina
Rhaposdy in Blue
Cheshire Cat
Sneezy and Dopey
Robin Hood
Humphrey the Bear
Winnie the Pooh
Lady and the Tramp

Candlelight Services
This series features churches of various styles.  You could stick a light in the back and watch the windows light up.  While officially retired in 2009, I'm included an unofficial series of church ornaments here that are similar in style that I consider unofficial compliments.
Stone Church
Colonial Church
Abode Church
Brick Church
Country Church
Fieldstone Church
Colonial Church 2
Central Tower Church
Old Stone Church
Chapel Woods Church
Countryside Church
Old Brick Church
This Little Light of Mine - Unofficial Companion Piece
A Carol by Candlelight - Unofficial Campanion Piece
O Come All Ye Faithful - Unofficial Companion Piece
Cozy Country Church - Unofficial Companion Piece
Joy to the World - Unofficial Companion Piece
O Holy Night - Unofficial Companion Piece

Christmas Carousel
This series of three miniature ornaments has some fun takes on carousels.
Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer
Mythical Creatures

Christmas Cupcakes
A felt series, this one creates deliciously and festively decorated cupcakes.  A real surprised based on the title, I know.
Oh, So Sweet
Simply Irresistible
Seasons Treatings! - Special Edition
It's Snowing Sweetness
It's Snowing Sweetness - Repaint
Sweet St. Nick
Itsy Bitsy Cupcake
Tasty Tannenbaum
Petite Treat
Peppermint Swirl
Cupcakes for Christmas
Tasty Tannenbaum Mini
Candied Christmas Rose

Christmas Windows
This Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) exclusive series features children and festively decorated windows.  It's a very fun series.
Cozy Living Room
Sweet Shoppe
Pet Shop
Toy Shop
Whistle Stop Train Shop
Kringle's Corner Book Store
The Little Window-Shoppers
Chocolate Shop
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Sporting Good Store
Five and Dime
Nina's Nook
Tammy's Tune Shop
Toy Store Dreams
Dance Shop
Outdoor Supply and Tackle
Keepsake Korners Café
North Pole Creamery
Waiting for Santa
St. Nick's Cosmic Comics

Comic Book Heroes
This short lived series featured classic superheroes coming out of comic books.  Even better, the ornament was also a mini comic book.
The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine
Captain America and the Avengers

Cookie Cutter Christmas
A cute mouse enjoying traditions of the season, however each ornament is housed in a different shaped cookie cutter.  These ornaments are unique and charming at the same time.
Sweet Snowmouse
Writing a Letter to Santa
A Tropical Holiday
Christmas Caroling
Visions of Sugar Plums
Cookie Cutter Halloween
Ice Skating
Decorating the Tree
Ice Fishing
Decorating the House
Mailing Santa a Letter
Ten Sweet Years
Presents Under the Tree

Cookie Cutter Through the Year
This six part series features a mouse friend celebrating holidays from the first half of the year.  And yes, he's in appropriate shaped cookie cutters, of course.
Be Mine, Cookie Cutter Mouse
Cookie Cutter Leprechaun
Happy Easter, Cookie Cutter Mouse
Cookie Cutter Spring
Cookie Cutter Summer
Cookie Cutter Vacation
Cookie Cutter Halloween

Cool Icicles
Holiday icons atop icicles is the idea behind this series.

Disney/Pixar Legends
While Hallmark has released many ornaments based on Pixar characters, this official series is featuring some of the lesser done characters from Pixar's many classics.
Monsters, Inc.
Crush and Squirt
Edna Mode
Inside Out

Doorways Around the World
This series was a great way to learn about Christmas decorating traditions, and Christmas traditions in general, from different countries.  Sadly, it only lasted four years.

Enchanted Memories
This series featured a different Disney princess in front of a background from her movie.
Snow White
Sleeping Beauty

Family Game Night
My family has spent hours playing board games over the years, so naturally this new series featuring classic board games was an easy one to start.
Simon (Unofficial)
Operation (Unofficial)
Candy Land
Chutes and Ladders
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Connect 4 (Unofficial)
The Game of Life
Perfection (Unofficial)
Battleship (Unofficial)

Frosty Friends
This long running popular series finds Frosty, an Eskimo, having fun with various animal friends.
Cool Yule (aka Frosty Friends #1)

Happiness Is Peanuts All Year Long
This series gives us ornaments to enjoy all year as various members of the Peanuts Gang enjoy activities appropriate for the month.
Display Stand
Fun at the Beach
All Set for School
Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Giving Thanks
A Very Special Tree
New Year's Celebration
Linus's Big Heart
St. Patty's Day?
It's the Easter Beagle
Sally's Spring Bouquet
Charlie's Favorite Pastime
Patriotic Pals

Happy Halloween!
This first Halloween series from Hallmark features spooky scenes inside carved pumpkins.
Witch's Brew

Inside Story
This limited run series (only three official entries are planned) is being released to KOC members only.  It features inside a traditionally shaped ornament.
Friend of a Feather
Fawn and Rabbit
Santa and Squirrel

Keepsake Cupcakes
The third yearlong series from Hallmark features adorable and festively decorated cupcakes.
Display Case
A Little Crab Cake
Sly and Sweet
Punkin' Kitty
Grateful Gobbler
Salty and Sweet
New Year's Snowman
Little Cupiggy
Lucky Leap-Rechaun
Some Bunny to Love
Nest Sweet Nest
Fluttering Beauty
Star-Spangled Bear
Baker's Dozen

Another village series from Hallmark, this one featured a lever that controlled Santa moving in the various houses and shops.
Kissmas Cottage
Kringle's Confections
Kringleville Fire Station
1225 Kringleville Drive

Making Memories
This heart warming series finds a parent and child snowman pair making lasting memories doing traditional Christmas activities.
Trimming the Tree
Seasons Treatings
The Sweetest Gift
Santa's Wish List Letter
Laughing All the Way
A Sweet Surprise
Reading is "Snow" Much Fun
Snip 'n' Clip Fun
Chillin' Together
Frosting Friends
Snow Angel Memories
Garland Giggles
Cocoa Cuddles
Milk and Cookies
Trying out the New Trike
Cozy New Pajamas
Storytime Snuggled

Marjolein's Garden
This series of ornaments will be based on the garden and flower artwork of Hallmark artist Marjolein Bastin.
Simple Gifts
A Home for Wren
Winter Wonder
Autumn Blessings
Welcoming Wreath

Mickey's Christmas Carol
A series that featured Disney characters as their alter ego from the animated take on the classic Christmas tale.  While it officially ended in 2013, word is that the outcry from fans will give us companion pieces.  Hopefully, that stays true.
Mickey as Bob Cratchit
Scrooge McDuck as Scrooge
Goofy as Jacob Marley
Jiminy Cricket as Ghost of Christmas Past
Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim

Mickey's Movie Mousterpieces
A series inspired by Mickey's shorts over the years.  Each one will feature the star captured in one of his many roles.
Magician Mickey
Traffic Troubles (Companion Piece)
Brave Little Tailor
Mickey's Fire Brigade
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Touchdown Mickey
The Band Concert
Thru the Mirror
Mickey's Circus
Wild Lion (Companion Piece)
Boat Builders
Steamboat Willie

Moments That Made Disney
Yes, I know the title of this Index page is Hallmark series ornaments, but I'm going to slip in this series from The Disney Store.  Each ornament in this series limited edition series released from 2014-2015 featured a different milestone in the life and career of Walt Disney.
Walt Arrives in LA
Steamboat Willie Premiers
Flowers and Trees
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Premiers
Disney Studio Opens in Burbank
Fantasia Premiers
Bambi Premiers
Saludos Amigos
Treasure Island
Wonderful World of Color
Mickey Mouse Club Premiers
Tribute to Walt

Nativity (Miniature)
This four part series from several years ago gives us a miniature nativity.
Holy Family
Wise Men

Noble Nutcrackers
Royal representatives from enchanted nutcracker kingdoms are featured in this series for nutcracker fans.
Prince of the Forest
Confectionery King
Duke of Winter
Duke of Winter - Special Edition
Count of Cozy

Noel Nutcrackers
A series of festive and different nutcrackers, it sadly only lasted three entries.  I think the unconventional first piece is what did it in.
Candy Claus
Jolly Snowman
"Snow" Happy to Serve

Welcome to the village of Noelville were these festively decorated gingerbread houses glow from within (when connected to a string of Christmas lights).
Sweet Shop
Bake Shop
2008 Gingerbread Lane
Community Church
2010 Lollipop Street
Flower Shop
Candy Shop
Fire Station
Clock Shop
Noelville Mouse House
Noelville Express
Sweet Little Mouse House

Nostalgic Homes and Shops
This popular, long running series creates a town with old fashioned architecture.
Keepsake Korners: Tannenbaum's Department Store
Keepsake Korners: Halls Station
Keepsake Korners: Keepsake Korners Bakery
Keepsake Kornders: Hall Bro's Card Shop

North Pole Tree Trimmers
Santa has elves who help him with Christmas decorations, and this series introduces us to them.
Light Tester
Light Tester Repaint
Candy Cane Striper
Glitter Elf
Present Wrapper
Hydration Department
Garland Maker

Once Upon a Christmas
These ornaments connect to Hallmark's magic cord (sold separately) and tell the story of Santa getting ready for his Christmas Eve trip around the world with words, music, and light.
Decking the Door (Companion Piece)
Checking it Twice
Time for Toys
Snug Fit for Santa
Pre-Flight Snack
Packing Up the Toys
Santa Takes Flight
Up on the Housetop
Stockings Hung with Care
O Christmas Tree
A Job Well Done
Happy New Year (Companion Piece)

Petite Penguins
This miniature series based on the unofficial Kris's Penguin series features one small penguin having big fun.
A Tasty Treat
A Tasty Treat - 2017 Event Repaint
A Short Snooze
A Sweet Sled
Cozy Cup
A Christmas Cookie
A Snuggly Stocking
A Snowy Treat

Sandal the Sandman
How do people celebrate Christmas in warmer climates?  That's the idea behind this fun series featuring Sandal the Sandman and his friends.
Decorating the (Palm) Tree

Santa Certified
What does it look like when Santa goes above and beyond?  Find out with these fun ornaments that feature the toys Santa took extra care with this year.
Rocking Horse
Noah's Ark
Teddy Bear Pull Toy

Season's Treatings
Delicious looking ornaments capture those treats we all love to make, and eat, at Christmas.
Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookies - Repaint
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House - Repaint
Coconut Snowman Cake
Coconut Snowman Cake - Repaint
Christmas Cupcakes - Special Edition
Plate of Goodies
Yummy Yule Log Cake
Cake Pops
Tree Cookie Stack
Cinnamon Roll Reindeer
Cherry Pie
Caramel Apple Goodness
Hot Chocolate (10th Anniversary)
Salty Treats
Snowman and Snowflake Donuts
Display Case of Treats
Eggnog and Fruitcake
Halloween Party
Sweets for My Sweet (Special Edition)
Good Luck Sweets (Special Edition)
Easter Sweets (Special Edition)
Patriotic Sweets (Special Edition)

Snowtop Lodge
What do snowpeople do during the warm months?  They meet up north to chill out together, and they bring a bit of themselves along as well.  At least that's the idea behind this fun and popular series.
Skylar A Woolscarf
Bluster B Toboggan
Colleen C Evergreen
Louie D Lightly
Stanley T Starr
Zak E Zamboni
Freddy F Freestyle
Anna G Halo
Albert H Almstead
Melody I Singsweet
Otis J Muffinstuff
Douglas J Spruce
Hans K Woodsworth
Tina L. Tinselbaum
Skylar A Woolscarf 2016 Limited Edition Mini
Benny M. Merrymaker
Benny M. Merrymaker - Mini
Snowtop Santa
Christmas in Kansas City
Ginger N. Sweethaus
Kris O. Kindly
Glistening Lantern Snowman
Family Love
Birdie P. Nestinghouse
Whittaker Q. Snowden
Constance R. Goodwyn
Constance R. Goodwyn - Special Edition

Spotlight on Snoopy
In this long running series, we get to see Snoopy in many different roles from the comic strip or just imagination.
Joe Cool
Flying Ace
Literary Ace
Joe Cool #2
Winning Ticket
Snoopy the Magnificent
Legal Beagle
Spaceman Snoopy
Patriotic Pals
Firefighter Snoopy
Artist Snoopy
Grill Master Snoopy
Fisherman Snoopy
Bird-Watcher Snoopy
Officer Snoopy
Building Buddies Snoopy
Green Thumb Snoopy
Baker Snoopy
20th Anniversary Ornament
Bell Ringer Snoopy
Golfer Snoopy
Golfing with Woodstock
Doctor Snoopy
All Decked Out
All Tangled Up
Jazzy, Snazzy Friends
25th Anniversary Ornament
Pirate Snoopy

Star Wars
In addition to the many Star Wars ornaments Hallmark has released over the years, they have an official series.  These are those ornaments.
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
Han Solo
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Darth Vader
Chewbacca and C-3PO
Princess Leia from Jedi
Luke Skywalker and Yoda
R2-D2 and Jawa
Emperor Palpatine
Han Solo as a Stormtrooper
Luke from Empire
Jedi Master Yoda
General Grievous
Wicket and Teebo
Scout Trooper
C-3PO and R2-D2
Han Solo Force Awakens
Luke Skywalker Force Awakens
Boba Fett

Stocking Stuffers
This series features different themed gifts in a stocking.  Each year is created by a different Hallmark artist.
Pets - Repaint
Baking Supplies

Storybook Classic Collection
Another limited series from The Disney Store.  It's focusing on some of the lesser known Disney animated pieces (with a couple of popular ones thrown in) and includes a coordinating pin as well.
Mickey and the Beanstalk - Ornament
Mickey and the Beanstalk - Pin
Pecos Bill - Ornament
Pecos Bill - Pin
Peter and the Wolf - Ornament
Peter and the Wolf - Pin
Lambert the Sheepish Lion
Lambert the Sheepish Lion - Pin
Once Upon a Wintertime
Once Upon a Wintertime - Pin
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins - Pin
The Ugly Duckling
The Ugly Duckling - Pin
The Reluctant Dragon
The Reluctant Dragon - Pin
Three Little Pigs
Three Little Pigs - Pin
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed - Pin
Snow White
Snow White - Pin
Casey at the Bat
Casey at the Bat - Pin

Tea Time!
A five part series (plus an unofficial prequel piece), each set in this series will feature a festive teapot and teacup.
Steeped in Spirit
Chimney Sweep Snowman

'Tis the Seasoning
These cute salt and pepper shaker combos are cure on your tree or in a display of other kitchen and food ornaments.
Snow Couple
Gingerbread and Milk
Salty and Peppy
Popcorn and Soda

Toymaker Santa
This series features Santa doing what he does best - making toys for the good little girls and boys for Christmas morning.
Riding Train
Doll and Tea Set
Spring Rocking Horse
Electric Train
Slot Car Race Track
Fire Truck
Rocking Horse - Special Edition
Remote Control Plane
Musical Instruments
Easy Bake Oven
15th Anniversary Limited Edition
Train Table
Remote Control Car

12 Days of Christmas
2011 saw Hallmark start a new series based on the gifts from the popular song.  They are wonderful works of art that might not be for everyone.  Personally, I love them.
12 Days of Christmas Ornament Tree
A Partridge in a Pear Tree
Two Turtle Doves
12 Days of Christmas Two Pack
Three French Hens
Four Calling Birds
Five Golden Rings
Six Geese-a-Laying
Seven Swans-a-Swimming
Eight Maids-a-Milking
Nine Ladies Dancing
Ten Lords-a-Leaping
Eleven Pipers Piping
Twelve Drummers Drumming

12 Little Days of Christmas
Part of Hallmark's 2016 push toward bringing back mini ornaments includes this continuity set based on the popular full sized 12 Days of Christmas series.
Gold Miniature Keepsake Ornament Tree
Days 1-3
Days 4-6
Days 7-9
Days 10-12

Unforgettable Villains
Three of Disney's most famous animated villains appeared in this sadly too short series.
Cruella de Vil
Snow White's Evil Queen
Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent
Ursula (2017 Limited Ornament)
Chernabog (2021 Limited Ornament)
Gaston (2022 Limited Ornament)
Jafar (2023 Limited Ornament)

A Visit from Santa
Each year, Santa takes some time to visit animal friends in this cute series.
Polar Bear
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl - Repaint
Fifth Anniversary Limited Edition

Windows of Faith
I love stained glass windows, so I love the idea behind this series celebrating the art form.  Unfortunately, the ornaments didn't quite live up to the potential.  While I still like them, sales were understandably weak.
Glad Tidings
Light of Love
Peace on Earth

Winter Fun with Snoopy
Snoopy is enjoying all that winter has to offer in this miniature series.
Supper Dish Sledding
Ice Skating
Snow Angel
Decorating the Tree
Ice Fishing
Christmas Cards
Building a Snowman
Exchanging Presents
Ice Sculpting
Tubing - Repaint
Bringing Home a Tree
Catching Snowflakes
Building an Igloo
Christmas Caroling
Supper Dish Sledding Redux
Snow Shoeing
Sleigh Ride
Getting a Christmas Tree

A World Within
One of Hallmark's series of miniature ornaments, this one features a scene inside an ornament.
Snowy Scene
Church in a Bell
Cardinal in a Pinecone
Toy Soldier in a Drum
Santa in a Christmas Tree
Reindeer in the Woods
Gingerbread in a Gumdrop House
Owl in a Star

A Year of Disney Magic
A second year long series, each ornament will feature different Disney characters doing something to celebrate the month.
Ornament Display Stand
Minnie Has a Ball
School Time for Chipmunks
Bewitching Daisy
Thankful Donald
Santa's Happy Helper
Mickey's New Year
Sweets for the Sweet
Lucky Donald
Shower Season
A Drink from Daisy
Goofy the Graduate
Yankee Doodle Mickey

Yuletide Treasures
This fun and nostalgic series featured classic pull string toys.
Santa's Magical Bear
Toy Soldier

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