Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st - Book Beginnings and Friday 56

Hope you had a happy Halloween.  It's Friday again, which means it is time for Book Beginnings and Friday 56 for the week.

This week's book is Drive Time by Hank Phillippi Ryan, which I am also reviewing today.  You can find that review here.

It begins like this:

I can't wait to tell our secret.  And I'll get to do it if we're not all killed first.

And from page 56, we find:

I grab Josh's arm, pull him to a corner.  "Show me everyone," I demand.
Josh looks perplexed.  "Everyone who?"
"You know, the people you said know about the calls."

Do you want to know about secrets and phone calls?  You'll have to read the book.  (How am I doing at teasing you?)


  1. These are great teases! It does make me wonder what the secrets and calls are all about.

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    1. As I was looking at the quotes, I realized what a great segments I had this time around.

  2. I do love secrets! Thanks for teasing us....and I'll be watching for more. Here's MY FRIDAY MEMES POST

    1. Well, the review is now posted:

  3. That opening definitely grabbed me, and so did your Friday 56 selection. I like reading books written in first person because the action seems so immediate. This sounds like a good one.
    Here's my post: Book Beginnings & Friday 56.

  4. She is a great writer!

    Happy Movember and happy weekend!

  5. Great beginning! Thanks for sharing it on BBOF!

  6. I hope they get to tell their secret too. THANKS for sharing.

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