Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 16th's Weekly TV Thoughts

A bit late, but I'm finally catching up on my TV for the week.  It's been one of those few days.

The Amazing Race – It was beyond time for a non-elimination leg, so I’m not that surprised that is what we got.  Still, it was nice since the detour was basically people finishing in the order they started.  And can that one team of ex’s be gone already?  Please?

Dancing with the Stars – Bill obviously has a strong fan base.  Don’t get me wrong, I like him, but as I keep saying he should go since the others are the stronger dancers.  However, it’s hard to say too much since the person who did leave was in second with the judges but still fell that far with the fan votes.

Survivor – A party of one.  Yet she could be valuable if someone needs a swing vote.  For some reason, this time watching the minority get picked off is hard - probably because I've always liked Tina.

Arrow – I am so glad that he had Diggle's back for a change - shows some nice maturity from last season.  And it looks like we've got another storyline to follow - Diggle's brother's death.  Doesn't that mean it's time we dropped one?  Like maybe the flashbacks?

The Big Bang Theory – May possibly be the best of the season so far.  Absolutely hysterical.  And considering my allergies, I do feel for Leonard.  I really felt badly for Raj, too, when we met up with Lucy.

The Crazy Ones – Actually a much better episode.  Didn't like seeing Ed Asner as a dirty old man, but it was still a very funny episode.  And the car sale at the end was great.

Michael J. Fox Show – I'm really beginning to like this show.  Okay, so the mom/aunt/daughter plot wasn't my favorite, but the others were pretty funny.  I loved the youngest stealing stuff.  That was a complete riot.

White Collar – My favorite episode of the season so far.  It felt like old times with Neal and Peter working well together.  I just wish they hadn't made Peter sick.  Still, the chemistry was perfect with some good humor and nice twists along the way.

Covert Affairs – The attempts to kill Joan and Arthur were the most interesting part of the episode.  Please, can we catch Henry and move on?  Please?

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