Monday, November 11, 2013

Ornament Review: Santa's Magic Cuckoo Clock - 2013 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Detail and magic
Cons: Pulling cord, price
The Bottom Line:
So many details
Combine with the fun magic
Overcome the price

So Many Details Make Santa's Magic Cuckoo Clock a Winner

While you might have already figured out I have an addiction to Hallmark ornaments, I am also addicted to their Magic Cord line of ornaments.  All of these ornaments feature music and lights that are synchronized with each other.  Even better, all the ornaments on the same cord interact.  Unfortunately, they are more expensive than your average ornament, but they are so worth it.  The clear favorite from the line this year seems to be Santa's Magic Cuckoo Clock, and it's easy to see why.

This is a very intricately carved ornament that really does look like a cuckoo clock.  Instead of a bird, Santa is perched on the top holding a list in one hand and a bell in the other.  Below the clock face is a round display of toys and go in a circle when the ornament is active.  And at the top is a circle depicting Santa and a sleigh of toys that spins when the ornament is active.  The clock itself is shaped like a house, and you can see spires and smoke coming out of the chimney.  The lights for this ornament are behind the toys, in that circle at the top, and in the clock face itself.

To make this ornament start playing music, you have to pull the weight dangling from the bottom back of the ornament.  This is the only part of the ornament I don't love.  All the other magic cord ornaments have a button you press to start the show.  Be sure you full pull the weight to the bottom, too, or the ornament won't work quite right.

When you start it play, you get about 20 seconds of music and spinning with the lights on all the ornaments connected to this cord flashing in time with the music.  The song that plays is "Up on the Housetop."  The hands on the clock spin as well.  Once the music stops, you get another 30 seconds or so of the clock ticking just like a cuckoo clock does, again with the lights keeping time.

I should point out that there are two different sections of the song that play when you pull the cord, and they alternate between the two.  That variety is fun.

This is the first magic cord ornament in a while that you can't set on any flat surface.  The weight has to be able to hang for the ornament to work right.  When you slip a hook through the loop at the top of the clock, you'll find that it tips back slightly.  It's really not enough to be a problem by the time you hook the ornament up to the magic cord and nestle it in some branches, however.

I really was trying to resist buying this ornament.  At $35, it's very expensive.  But I couldn't help myself after seeing it in person.  The details on the clock are just awesome, and the way it moves and the lights are spectacular.  In fact, I think this is the first magic cord ornament with movement (at least the first I can recall).

So if you want something that is truly special, be sure to get your hands on Santa's Magic Cuckoo Clock.  Just a word of warning - it is disappearing off store shelves very quickly.

Original Price: $34.95

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