Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for November 2nd

Two of my shows were in reruns this week - two of the ones I do full recaps for.  Frankly, that was a blessing since I spent last night catching up on TV from Wednesday and Thursday.

Anyway, here we go.

The Amazing Race – From first to last.  While I didn’t originally like the beards, they’d grown on me, and I was very sorry to see them eliminated.  I’m also surprised that the doctors helped without actually have the express pass in their hands.  I don’t think I would have trusted that couple’s word in exchange for information.  But they got it, so that’s all that really matters.

Dancing with the Stars – I’m not too surprised that Snookie/Nichole went home.  Despite the ratings of the show, I don’t think those “stars” have that big a fan base.  I’m surprised to hear myself saying this, but I am sorry to see her go.  She really was a good dancer who deserved to be around longer.  There are a couple of people near the bottom, but I have a feeling they’ll be going sooner rather than later.

Survivor – Despite the blood versus water title, they really haven’t had much of the blood together.  And now almost all of these relationships have at least one person out of the game.  I think the dynamic would have been more interesting had they been together the entire time.  But next week with the merge and someone getting back in the game will be very interesting.

Arrow – I guess I hadn't read who Black Canary was, or if I did, it didn't register.  Very surprising twist, and I think I'm going to be sorry with where this story line goes.  Likewise, not happy about Laurel starting to drink.  And I think the flashbacks are about to get very interesting.

The Crazy Ones – I may be done with this show, although it did get better as it went along.  Still, even for someone who likes Big Bang Theory, this one is getting to me.

Michael J. Fox Show – This one got a little painful, too, although the sub-plots with the kids were pretty funny.  Definitely the best part of the episode.

White Collar – I actually kind of liked the new handler and the mix he was bringing to things, especially Mozzie.  Did not see that ending coming at all.  I'm very much wondering where this storyline is going to go from here.

Covert Affairs – Bored now.  Can we just confront Henry and get it over with?


  1. Totally agree about Covert Affairs - I'm sick of Henry being a big part of the plot at this point and would just prefer is someone kills him off or if he commits suicide because he doesn't want to go back to jail. They really need to move onto something new. I don't think they've ever solved Jai's death either - at least not to a point that was satisfactory for me.

    1. When they started season 3, they were talking about how Jai's death would drive much of the season. Then it got forgotten. It's only come up because it is Henry's motivation for all this stuff he's doing. I am actually pretty close to dropping this show, which is a big deal for me. We'll see how the season plays out, but I may be done.