Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TV Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1-9 - Repairs

Ghosts on a Plane.

Sorry, I just couldn't help it when thinking about this episode.  And no, I haven't ever watched the movie I'm referring to there.

The episode starts with a woman in a gas station convenience store trying to buy a few items.  But the clerk starts blaming her for an accident at the nearby plant that killed his friend.  As things start to fly off the shelves at him, he freaks out and runs outside where gas from the pumps start leaking and running toward a small flame.

Our team is called in to try to make contact and see if she's a telekinetic.  However, when they arrive, the rest of the town is also there trying to force her out.  A police car drives by alone and Coulson dodges out of the way.  That's when May shoots the woman with a tranc gun and they take off in the plane.

When the woman wakes up, she explains that this is God punishing her.  For what, we are never clear - the accident maybe?  But she is sure she isn't doing it; she just wants to get it to stop.

That's when strange things start happening on the plane.  Doors closing.  Them being forced to crash.  The usual.

Skye goes to keep the woman company and tries to convince her it isn't God because God is love.  He wouldn't punish her like that.  But it's Simmons who actually figures out what is going on - a ghost.  Well sort of.  It's actually the man who died in the accident at the plant who is materializing and dematerializing all over the plane and causing the problems.

While the others are trapped by this guy, May goes and gets the woman and takes her off the plane.  She is bait, and the man falls for it.  He loved the woman, and he was causing problems at the plant so they would have to spend time together.  One led to the accident that killed him and injured others.  He's stuck between our world and hell.  May talks him into letting go and forgiving himself, and he leaves for good.

Meanwhile, we also find out more about May and her nickname of Calvary.  Seems she singlehandedly saved the day against 100 armed men with just a horse and revolver.  Well, that's the story that Fritz and Simmons start off with as a prank against Skye.  Ward sets her straight that it is really only 20.  Expect Coulson even spoils that.  Yes, she saved the day, but it was by infiltrating a base and rescuing a bunch of other people who were being held hostage.  She won't talk about what she did to pull it off, but she went from being a fun loving prankster to being the straight laced, by the book, never smile and laugh person we see now.

Of course, that could be changing.  The final scene finds Fritz waking up to the classic hand full of shaving cream prank, but everyone denies having done it.  The only one not in the scene?  May.  And we see her listening in to the conversation and smiling to herself.

Also of interest is the fact that May and Ward obviously have some kind of friend with benefits relationship going on.  No one seems to suspect, but I wonder just how long this has been going on and how that will play out in the future.

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