Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekly TV Thoughts for November 23rd

The Amazing Race – Well, things didn’t change, at least for the last place team.  Sorry to see them go, but they had a good attitude and kept trying.  I would have planned to save an express pass for a really bad task, but using it to skip to a U-Turn makes sense, too.

Dancing with the Stars – Bill survives another week.  I’ll be very interested in seeing his freestyle.  Leah wasn’t happy with the scores, but she was gracious when she was eliminated.

Survivor – It’s always interesting when an alliance starts turning on itself.  Will Katie be able to hang on as a result?  She survived this week.  The previews for next week mean nothing, of course, but if I were her, I’d sit back at this point and see if they really do turn on each other before I scrambled too much.

Arrow – I was as shocked as anyone else at the outcome of the trial.  Heck, I was surprised the trial wrapped up in just one episode.  But as soon as I heard about the affair, I knew whose daughter Thia really was.  No really shock in that cliffhanger.

The Big Bang Theory – I didn't care for Sheldon at all between his whining or being drunk.  The rest of the episode was pretty funny, however.  Of all Penny's boyfriend guest stars, I've liked Zach the best because he was the funniest.    Leonard was attacked unfairly, and it was awkward that Howard's mom was always off stage, but really, I was laughing hard the entire time.

The Crazy Ones – One of the clearer episodes they've done (although by no means clean), and I enjoyed it.  No surprise since I often find that the case.  Still, I wish they do more like this one.

The Michael J. Fox Show – Murphy Brown guest starred!!!  You knew what was coming in the kitchen, but it was still pretty funny.  The football game was great as well.  And as always, the characters were charming, which is what I keep gravitating towards.

White Collar – The show is beginning to feel like itself again for the second week in a row.  I hope that trend continues.  It did feel like a simple plot over all without the twists along the way we're used to, but I really did enjoy it.

Covert Affairs – Somehow, killing Henry seemed to anti-climatic.  Glad Annie is out of China okay.  So, will there be fall out next season or will they go on to something else?  Frankly, I hope it's something else because I'm so done with this storyline.

Nikita – So happy to find out what happens next; it's been a long time since May.  I was not expecting the ending.  With that twist, how will Nikita clear her name?

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