Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Amazing Race - I never thought I'd say it with that team, but I was glad it was a non-elimination leg.  After she was so encouraging and supportive, I would have hated to see them go home.  Here's to hoping she really has matured and stays this way for however long they are still there.

Melissa & Joey - Now that they've resolved the Lennox situation, the old boyfriend can swoop back in, right?  I hope so.  And I wonder why Ryder is much less of a presence right now than in the past.

Arrow - I feel like I missed something with Laurel, but it was nice to see an episode focused outside of Oliver but still advancing the story.

Survivor - When I saw how little the tribes got split up, I figured it would be a vote along old tribe lines.  I guess not.  This is going to make the next few episodes much more interesting than I was expecting.

Psych - The single worst episode of the series.  They have gotten so enmeshed in the antics of the characters they aren't even trying to tell a good story any more.  This was also the series finale, and if it had been I would have been very upset.  Here's hoping I do like the series finale next week and it erases this bad episode from my memory.

Suits - An actual case in court with a judge and everything.  It's been a while since we've seen much of that.  Louis is getting stuck in the middle of way too much.  While I agree that most of what happens to him is his own fault, it is still sad to see.  And I also felt sorry for Mike at the end, but it is the result of him lying like he does.  Why do I think they aren't done with that story line overall, much less with Louis?

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