Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TV Recap: Agents of SHIELD 1-15 - Yes Men

They never answered my most pressing question last night, and it is something that stemmed from the teaser at the end of last week’s episode.  Did the one guy’s new bride take him back?  I sure hope they were able to work that out off screen.  After all, he didn’t leave and follow Lorelei on his own.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.  The story this week worked in the elements and a minor character from the Thor movies.  Lorelei is a woman who can bend men to do her bidding – sometimes by voice alone but sometimes she needs to use touch as well.  She has escaped her confinement and landed on Earth.  Naturally, our team is sent in to stop her.

Fortunately, they aren’t going in alone.  Lady Sif is sent from Asgaard to help them.  And she has a collar that will cut off Lorelei’s powers.

Tracking her doesn’t prove to be that hard, just follow the men committing robberies.  They find her holed up in a biker bar with a biker gang doing her bidding.  Sif goes in to fight her, but Lorelei slips out the back, where she finds Ward.  It takes a touch to turn him, but she does.  And Ward then takes her to Vegas.

The team is able to track them down, but not before Ward and Lorelei sleep together.  And Ward says some not so nice things about Melinda May.  But when the plane lands, Ward and Lorelei sneak back on and hijack it, turning Fitz to their side as well.

With Ward flying the plane, Fitz takes an unaware Sif the collar, which he’s had to fix.  However, he then traps her in her room and opens the air lock.  He’s been busy because he’s already locked Skye and Simmons down in Skye’s room.  Coulson figures out what is happening and frees Skye and Simmons by pretending to be under Lorelei’s control.  He then gets Simmons to close the airlock.  Sif was able to grab the top of the plane and work her way back inside, so when Lorelei comes to check on her, a massive fight ensues.

On one hand, we’ve got them fighting and in another part of the plane Melinda May and Ward go at it.  Ward finally gets the upper hand and the gun, only to find that Melinda May has already taken out the bullets.  Meanwhile, Sif finally gets the upper hand, releasing all the men from Lorelei’s spell.  And the duo are off to home with Lorelei once again a prisoner.

This may be spelling the end for Ward and Melinda May, however.  Word about what he said about her got out, and Melinda May thinks that it is how Ward really feels.  We’ll see how that plays out in future weeks.

So let’s talk Skye and Coulson.  Coulson is still freaked about what he saw last week, which we finally learn more about.  That wasn’t a decomposed body we saw, but an alien.  They serum that saved his life and Skye’s life is made from alien something.  Blood?  DNA?  Something else?

Coulson starts the episode off on his own trying to get some answer from anyone at SHIELD, but it seems Director Fury is the only one who knows, and he’s completely off the grid.

Melinda May keeps trying to get Coulson to open up about what he knows, if not to her then to Skye.  Finally, at the end, he does tell Skye, who is predictably not freaked.  But she explains that she’s already an unknown object of some kind plus he’s been alive just fine for a couple of years now.  She does agree they need to investigate, but Coulson wants to keep this just between the two of them.  He thinks it is safer for the rest of the team if they do.

However, Skye’s room was bugged.  For the final scene, we see Melinda May reporting to someone that “Coulson knows.  Coulson knows everything.”

So who is Melinda May really working for?  What does this alien serum mean?  And what does this have to do with the Clairvoyant, etc.?  I’m certainly interested in how this is all going to fit together.

Next week, we’ve got a teaser of Marvel universe in general things to come, like the new Captain America movie coming out in a few weeks and the Avengers sequel.  Also, a teaser of what is to come on this show over the rest of the season.  You think that maybe ABC is trying to boost the ratings going into the home stretch of episodes?  That’s my guess.

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