Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Dancing with the Stars - The switch up didn't seem to be quite as big a deal as I thought it might be.  Everyone seemed to dance well with their new partners.  But it sure was fun to watch the results.  Next week is Disney music week?  I will love every second of that one!

Melissa & Joey - The mini-Sabrina reunion they had was fun, although they should sent Josh and Morgan off into the sunset together.  Considering their characters dated on that show, it would have been fun here.  I'm also still love the Zander story line.

Survivor - I honestly thought for a few minutes that the flip flopper was going to do the same thing that the last week's victim did, trying to play both sides against the middle and make everyone angry.  Sadly, it didn't work.  The producers will try to drum up suspense over the next few weeks, but we'll end up with a boring few episodes as the dominant team sticks together.  Darn it, I really want to see Tony gone, too.

Big Bang Theory - Sheldon waking up next to that book was absolutely hilarious.  And I'm glad that Howard's past with Raj's new girlfriend wasn't anything worse than it was.  I really would like Raj to have a steady girlfriend for once.

Crazy Ones - I was waiting all episode for some kind of Mork and Mindy reference, and they gave it to us at the very end.  It's winding down with two episodes back to back next week.  Not sure if I will keep watching after that or not.

Suits - They got me with the previews since Mike wasn't down at the attorney's office for not having a law degree but for something else.  And he did take the job.  That actually surprised me (which is what the creator wanted), but I'm very happy.  It will make for an interesting dynamic next season for sure.

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