Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12th's Weekly TV Thoughts

A great week of TV viewing, and back to full summer strength after the holiday last weekend.

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Wipeout - So far, we've had nothing but themed episodes this year.  All American was a bit of a stretch, but they made it work.  I think this might be the first time that someone I was rooting for actually won.  Go DJ Fish!

24: Live Another Day - Wow.  They actually made me jump with the twist at the end.  Looks like we'll get multiple hours in the final episode.  Still very curious to see how that is going to work.  And, I don't see how they will wrap things up in one episode.  Then again, I think I always say that.

American Ninja Warrior - I can't believe how few people finish all because of that one obstacle.  The first one to do it doing the flip?  I never would have thought of it, much less landed it.  Always rooting for Evan "The Rocket" since I love American Gladiators, so hoping he gets a wild card spot.

Royal Pains - I had forgotten all about the hospital being bought out last year, yet I was glad to see that brought back.  I wonder where they are going with HankMed opening a hospital because you know that's what Evan R. Lawson is going to be in favor of doing.  Meanwhile, several other great plots and three medical mysteries.  That episode was jam packed.

Covert Affairs - So, with their only lead dead, where do we go from here?  Obviously, the main point of the episode was for Annie to spend more time with the new love interest.  I'm really wondering what his story is and how it will all come together.

Mystery Girls - Am I getting used to the overacting?  I actually didn't mind this one as much.  I was surprised there wasn't something fake haunting the house, but it was actually fun if still very over the top.

Suits - I think Mike just made the biggest mistake of his life.  And that's saying something considering he's doing his best to alienate every single person at the old firm.  How in the world will they make all this better in the end?

Graceland - I think this was my problem with the previous season.  They have so many plots going, it's really hard to keep track of them all.  However, I do like the story with the widow and how that is progressing.  Very interesting what they are doing there.  You just know that trouble is waiting around the corner.

Girl Meets World - I love this show!  Yes, the lesson was very obvious, but it was still true.  And the laughs along the way were great.  Over acted a bit, but still so much fun.

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