Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ornament Review: Season's Treatings #6 - Cake Pops - 2014 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Festively decorated cake pops
Cons: Only ones an overly logical person would point out
The Bottom Line:
Setting festive mood
With cake pops in the making
More treatings for sure

This Ornament Will Pop Right Off the Tree at You

I know they are the latest craze, but I have yet to have a cake pop.  It’s just never happened to work out that I’ve been at a place that had them, although I’ve seen pictures.  Those pictures are why I can appreciate 2014's Season's Treatings entry which features some very decorated cake pops.

In fact, there are three finished cake pops on display in this ornament.  There’s a Santa, a Snowman, and an ornament with holly on it.  All three of these are sitting in a stand with 2014 written on it.  The stand is on a silver tray, and the tray has another cake pop sitting on it waiting to be decorated beyond the layer of frosting it already has.  There’s a bowl of frosting and a bowl of sprinkles there to help with the decorating and two more sticks for future cake pops.

Now I must admit, my first thought when I saw this one was all the work that went into decorating those three finished pops.  Seriously, who would take the time to do that on something so small when you are making so many of them?  Now why that was my thought for this one but not for the cupcakes that were the second entry in this series, I have no clue.

That aside, I really do like this entry.  The finished cake pops look fun and also delicious.  While I’m not a frosting person, I do like chocolate frosting, so that really appeals to me, too.  The silver tray is a tad more overwhelming than in some of the other entries in the series, but it really can’t be helped.  Overall, this is a great addition to the series.

As with the others, you can use it as part of a display.  After all, it has that nice, flat bottom of the sheet as a back.  But really, it’s not that much fun sitting flat with the cakes popping off the surface.  The back of the tray does provide a nice spot for the series marker, which in this case is a 6 in a Christmas tree.

The ornament just cries out to be hung.  The loop is sitting in one of the holes in the cake pop stand, and when you slip a hook through it, it hangs at a jaunty angle.  Frankly, that’s one of my favorite things about this series is the fun angle they are designed to hang at.  Despite the loops being surrounded by pops, it’s really not that hard to slip the hook through it.

Seasons Treating's continues to create festive and delicious looking entries, and this year's addition to the series is no exception.  Is it any wonder it is such a popular series?

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  1. I'd never heard of cake pops until I heard about this series which has turned into one of my faves! This one's so cute I had to have two. Thanks for another great review!

    1. I'm going to miss the dinner with Sharon tomorrow night, but I'm really hoping that she shares a sneak peak of the next in the series and we get to find out what it is.